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  Email:  Contact AnalogAlley via email

  Please read the FAQ's below before sending an email. Many questions can be answered this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a manual, can you send it to me for free?

I'm sorry, but our manuals are not free.

I'm interested in a service manual. How much do you charge for it?

The price of each manual varies depending upon several factors. However, you will find that 80% of our manuals will fall within the price range of $11.95 and $14.95. A few are priced below, and a few are priced higher. If you are looking for a $5 (or free) manual, you should probably look elsewhere. We won't match that price, as our focus is on quality, not how quickly we can scan or harvest other free manuals from the internet to resell.

I saw a manual on another site, and it's cheaper.  Can you sell yours for cheaper, or match it?

We sometimes discount a manual for you if you ask nicely, but we will not match or undercut the price of manuals being sold by other vendors.  Our manuals are not the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive available on the net, but our manuals are consistently, either the highest quality you can get, or amongst the highest quality you can get.

I saw you list a service manual but I want the owner's manual?

Please send an inquiry and we will research our inventory.  However, you should know that the bulk of our products are service oriented materials and only 5% of our manuals are owners/instruction manuals.  So bottom line is that while we might have it, the chances are if we have anything, it will be a service manual.

Besides manauls, do you also sell replacement parts?

No, the focus of AnalogAlley is manauls. We do sell some non-manual products but those products are not our focus.

I saw a product with USA shipping but not international. Can you ship to me? I live in (fill in the blank country)

We have found international shipping to be extremely costly, unreliable, takes too long, and too risky for us, so we are phasing out our shipments of most products to international destinations. Please consider a PDF product or check with us to see if the product you are looking for can be converted for you to a format that can be delivered electronically.

I saw a product I want to buy but I don't see a shipping option, only one for "download/PDF." Can I get a copy shipped to me?

In most cases, we are only offering that product in PDF format but many of our manuals are available in paper format too, even if not listed. Send us an inquiry along with your address. If we have a spare manual available, we will provide you with a quote which includes shipping/handling to your location.

I saw a manual listed in your archives, but there is no button next to it. How can I buy it?

As our web-listing is not updated daily, please first check to see if that item is already in our "ready-to-purchase catalog" AnalogAlley Online Catalog. If it is not listed, then please submit a product request using THIS FORM. It could take from hours to days for a product to appear (if we have it) in our catalog after placing a request.

I want to order a manual. How long is the turnaround time before I receive it?

In general, when you express an interest in purchasing a product, we place that order into our job queue to add to our catalog. It could take hours to several days to add to our catalog. As we only make warehouse runs about twice a week, how fast that manual is made available varies depending upon where in the cycle the request comes in. We never charge for a product first and promise to deliver later. If we charge you a fee, that product will be available at the time you remit payment.

I bought a manual but never received it? What happened?

When you buy a manual, there should always be a fulfillment option available. These options will show as "download/pdf" or "USA shipping" or "international-shipping". If none of these are shown, that means this item was entered incorrectly into our catalog. There are not many such errors but once in awhile, this is brought to our attention. We apologize for the mistake, the item was most likely intended to be a download/PDF product, and we can either refund your payment, or email you a PDF copy (or download link). Either way, please contact us using the link above and explain what happened, and we will resolve this right away.

I bought a downloadable manual. How do I download it?

Thank you for your purchase. When you completed your purchase, PayPal should have returned you to your AnalogAlley account page from where you could download your manual. If you missed it, you will need to login in order to view your account page. If you did not create an account prior to making a purchase, then AnalogAlley would've created an account for you. Instructions on how to access this account would've been automatically emailed to you by our store, and you should use the password to access and administrate your account including changing your password, or download a purchase. You can view the full tutorial HERE. If you still have trouble downloading our products, then please send us an inquiry using the contact link above and we will do whatever we can to help you redeem your manual.

I belong to a user forum.  May I share this with other members of our group?

No.  All of our manuals are intended for personal use only, and are NOT to be shared in any way.  All of our manuals are encrypted.  Please know that our scans are unique and even if the encryption and ownership information is stripped out, we can still readily identify our products because we have all raw files, each and every page of the document are scanned individually, each page are custom adjusted and may be pixel resized, and varying image formats are used, and custom information may be embedded in the pages before final assembly. 

I noticed that most of your products are now in PDF format only.  Do you also sell factory paper manuals?

Yes, when we have duplicates, we will generally make those available and you can send us an inquiry. If we have it, we will quote you a price if you include your location.  We will only invoice such manuals individually now because with thousands of manuals, it is too tedious of a chore for us to keep track of inventory remaining in our store catalog so we no longer add paper products to our new catalog entries since it means we need to them remove them when inventory drops too low.  .Additionally, we have noticed that most customers now prefer a PDF manual to paper manuals because there is no associated shipping and handling charge, and because they can get the manual either immediately or if file size is too large, they can download it after a short wait.  Whenever possible, we encourage customers to buy a PDF manual instead as remaining factory paper manual supplies are now beginning to dwindle.  It appears collectors are those most interested in purchasing factory paper manuals as they generally add value to the device upon resale.  However, this takes manuals out of circulation for those searching for restoration information material and only benefits the individual collector.  Already we are seeing requests for many models which should have been fairly common at one time, but manuals no longer seeming to exist for sale. 

I found a copy of your manual in another website for free.  Where can I find more available for free.

If you found a copy of our manuals online somewhere else, it was put there without our permission.  We have significant overhead costs and actually make very little money offering manuals.  As this hurts our ability to stay online and continue offering hard to find manuals, or custom scanning superior quality manuals, please let us know where you found the manuals so we may ask them to remove it.  In return, we will provide you a 50% discount on your next PDF manual purchase .