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About Analog Alley:

Hello.  My name is Norman.   In late September 2011, I purchased from my friend John Hamm, the founder and previous owner.  Many of you have grown to know John.  Due to declining health, he had decided to retire from this endeavor and seek life's other challenges and opportunities .  I am sad to report that John did indeed pass away in early 2015.  May he rest in peace.

What I took possession of was the website and his stockpile of manuals numbering approximately 35,000 pounds of file cabinets filled with manuals and documentations.  I also inherited a couple thousand PDF versions of manuals.  I have since deleted or redid many of his scans (as the quality didn't match the quality I liked to offer).

Since taking over, I have noticed that our customers really preferred PDF manuals over paper manuals.  To facilitate this model, I changed the website to include a ready-to-purchase online store where customers could purchase and immediately download their manuals.  Unfortunately, I don't have the manpower to convert all of my manuals to PDF due to how long it takes to convert them, especially those that are in color, have extra large diagrams, or are exceptionally complicated.  Additionally, I have tried guessing which manuals customers want but I always seem to guess wrong.  For that reason, I now convert and add manuals to the online store mainly upon demand and request.  If it's not already in the store, and I have it listed in my archives, then that means I have not yet scanned it, or have not yet added it to the catalog.  Please send a request and I try to add them within a day or two, although often on the same day depending upon how busy I am.

Thanks for visiting.

Drop me a line for feedback or get information: Norman
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