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How to Download your Service Manual

If you've purchased a downloadable product, and can't figure out how to download it, please follow these instructions below:

    Our webstore is located here.

    1.  Find your product, ADD to the shopping cart.  If you are purchasing more items, continue to shop.  If not, go directly to checkout.

    2.  Click on the PayPal Icon to checkout using credit card, echeck, or PayPal balance.  If mailing in payment with money order, choose checkout instead.


    3.  After you've completed checkout/payment, you should be returned to the download page if you've paid using PayPal with credit card or PayPal balance (see # 6 and #7 below).  If you paid using echeck or if your account is new, paypal may place a hold on the funds.  In that case, the download link might not be active yet, until your payment clears.  If you checked out selecting money order as your payment method, the download link will be active after we've received your funds.  Please use postal money orders where possible because they can be verified and cleared quickly.  All others might be delayed.  For fast purchase/downloads, we recommend paying with PayPal instead.


    4.  Logging back into account:  If you've already logged out of our system or if you closed the browser, or if for whatever reason, you need to re-access your account to view and download your orders, you will need to be logged in to our system.  Click on the my account link on the top navigation bar or CLICK HERE.  Type in your account login information to gain access to your account.



    5.  Once you have logged into your account, you can now see the options available to you.  It is highly recommended that you set or change your password to something you can remember.  To view your orders, click on the link:  View the orders I have made (see below).


    6.  At this point, you can see your order history.  If you've made multiple orders from us, you will see them listed here.  Choose the order with the downloadable products you wish to view.  On the right hand side, you will see a View button.  Click on the button.


    7.  You should now be able to see your order.  Near the bottom of the page, you should see a list of all products that have download links.  The links are not underlined line normal weblinks but they should work.  Note that you can only download the products a limited number of times.  Some browsers will provide download status information and some will display the first page shortly while continuing to download the rest of the file, and some will not display anything until product is fully downloaded.  IMPORTANT:  Do not browse away from the page or close the browser until your file has been completely downloaded.  If you do, your downloads remaining counter will decrease by one and it is possible to use up all of your remaining downloads if you continue clicking since the system does not differentiate between full and partial downloads. 


    8.  Hopefully, at this point, your file has been downloaded.  Thank you for your purchase, we hope it serves you well.

    9.  HOWEVER:  Sometimes, the unexpected happens.  DO NOT PANIC.  If after following these instructions, you still are not able to obtain your manual, contact me via the link below.  Whether I need to manually email the product to you, or provide you with an alternate download location, I will find a way to get your purchase to you.  When contacting me, please provide as much detail as possible about what you are experiencing just in case the issue is without our server configuration so I can correct it.


Drop me a line for feedback or get information: Norman (contact form)

Or Email direct:  Norman