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Q:  Why are some items missing the BUY button?

A:  We have far too many manuals to add to our store and we have no idea what product is requested next.  Therefore, we generally add products to our store as they are requested.  Some items might actually already be in the store and the list here might not yet be updated to reflect that.  Always inquire if you don't see a BUY button.

Q:  Is everything listed available?

A:  Not all.  Our database list was created when AnalogAlley formed 6 years ago.  Over time, some manuals have been sold and some  have been misplaced or misfiled, or damaged and previous ownership may have neglected to update the database to reflect current stock levels.  It will be some time before we can redo our database.  However, you can expect that more than 90% of the manuals are available.  We also have many manuals not currently on the list.








OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media
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Don't see a buy it now button?  We have so much inventory that we don't know where to start.  Therefore, our online store is randomly populated but we do prioritize additions when we receive a product request. Simply ask us to add a product to store and we will try to have it available within 48 hours, usually within a day.  Use the add-product to store form to request.



 Model #Descriptiontype
 AW-2Auto Wahservice
 BE-5Guitar Multiple Effectsservice
 BE-5BBass Multiple Effectsservice
 BE-5MProgrammable Multiple Effectsservice
 BL-1Bulk Librarianservice
 BX-44 Channel Stereo Mixerservice
 BX-8, BX-16Mixerservice
 CE-5Chorus Ensembleservice
 CH-1Super Chorusservice
 CL-50Compressor Limiterservice
 CS-3Compression Sustainerservice
 DD-2, DD-3Digital Delayservice
 DI-1Direct Boxservice
 DR-110Dr. Rhythm Graphicservice
 DR-220A, DR-220EDrum Machineservice
 DR-5Dr. Rhythm Sectionservice
 DR-550Dr. Rhythmservice
 DR-550 Mk IIDr. Rhythmservice
 DR-660Dr. Rhythmservice
 EH-50Stereo Enhancerservice
 FC-50Midi Foot Controllerservice
 FV-300L, FV-300HFoot Pedalservice
 FW-3Foot Wahservice
 FZ-2Hyper Fuzzservice
 GE-131Graphic Equalizerservice
 GE-131A, GE-231Graphic Equalizerservice
 GE-215Graphic Equalizerservice
 GX-700Guitar Effects Processorservice
 HF-2Hi Band Flangerservice
 HM-2Heavy Metalservice
 HM-3Hyper Metalservice
 MA-12, MA-12C, MA-12AV, MA-12V, MA-12AV, MA-15, MA-15ASpeakerservice
 ME-10Guitar Multiple Effectsservice
 ME-5Guitar Multiple Effectsservice
 ME-6Guitar Multiple Effectsservice
 ME-6BBass Multiple Effectsservice
 ME-XExpandable Multiple Effectsservice
 MG-80Guitar Amplifierservice
 MS-100A, MS-100Speakerservice
 MT-2Metal Zoneservice
MX-1010 Channel Mixerservice
 MZ-2Digital Metalizerservice
 NS-50Stereo Noise Supressorservice
 OD-2Turbo OverDriveservice
 OS-2OverDrive Distortionservice
 PQ-3BBass Parametric Equalizerservice
 PQ-4Parametric Equalizerservice
 PQ-50Parametric Equalizerservice
 RV-2Digital Reverbservice
 SD-2Dual OverDriveservice
 SE-50Effects Processorservice
 SE-70Super Effects Processorservice
 TM-7Guitar Monitorservice
 TU-6Guitar Tunerservice
 TU-8Guitar & Bass Auto Tunerservice
 TU-12, TU-12H, TU-12SChromatic Tunerservice
 TU-121Chromatic Tunerservice
 TU-50Chromatic Tunerservice
 WS-20, WS-20MWireless Systemservice


 Model #Descriptiontype
AR-150Keyboard Amplifierservice
 MK-60Digital Pianoservice
 Model 660RS-PCM Keyboardservice
 Model 760RS-PCM Keyboardservice


 Model #Descriptiontype
 A-50MIDI Keyboard Controllerservice
 A-80MIDI Keyboard Controllerservice
 A-880Midi Patcher Mixerservice
 ADA-8024ADA Converterservice
 BC-13Bus Converterservice
 CM-300GS Sound Moduleservice
 CM-32LLA Sound Moduleservice
 CM-32PPCM Sound Moduleservice
 CM-500GS LA Sound Moduleservice
 CM-64LA PCM Sound Moduleservice
 CPM-120 IIPowered Mixerservice
 CR-80Human Rhythm Playerservice
 CS-10Stereo Micro Controllerservice
 D-110Sound Moduleservice
 D-5Linear Synthesizerservice
 D-50, D-550Keyboard / Linear Synthesizersupplement
 D-550Linear Synthesizerservice
 D-70Super LA Synthesizerservice
 DD-3ADigital Delayservice
 DEP-3Digital Effects Processorservice
 DEP-5Digital Effects Processorservice
 DJ-70Sampling Workstationservice
 DM-80Multi Track Disc Recorderservice
 DM-80FFader Unitservice
 DM-80RRemote Controllerservice
 DP-760-1Power Sampling Expansionservice
 DS-330Dr. Synthservice
 E-10 (Ver 1, Ver 2)Keyboardservice
 E-15Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-16Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-30Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-35Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-36Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-5Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-56Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-660Digital Parametric Equalizerservice
 E-70Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 E-86Intelligent Synthesizerservice
 EM-305, EM-303Intelligent Synthesizerservice
EP-3, EP-5Digital Pianoservice
 EP-7Digital Pianoservice
 EP-7 IIDigital Pianoservice
 EP-707Digital Pianoservice
FC-100 Mk II, RMC-1Foot Controller RRC to Midi Controlservice
 FP-8Digital Pianoservice
 GC-8Graphic Controllerservice
 GK-1Synthesizer Driverservice
 GK-2Synthesizer Driverservice
 GK-2ASynthesizer Driverservice
 GP-16Guitar Effects Processorservice
 GP-8Guitar Effects Processorservice
 GR-09Guitar Synthesizerservice
GR-1Guitar Synthesizerservice
 GR-50Guitar Synthesizerservice
 GR-700Guitar Synthesizerservice
 GS-6Guitar Sound Systemservice
 HP-100, EP-50Keyboardservice
 HP-1000S, HP-1000SLPianoservice
HP-1500 (HP 1500)Digital Pianoservice
 HP-1800 (HP1800)Digital Pianoservice
 HP-2500S, HP-2500SLPianoservice
 HP-300, HP-400Keyboardservice
 HP-3000S, HP-4500S, HP-5500S, HP-5600SPianoservice
 HP-3500S, HP-4000S, HP-4000SL, HP-5000S, HP-5000SLPianoservice
HP-3700, HP-2700 (HP 3700, HP 2700)Digital Pianoservice
 HP-600, HP-700, HP-800Keyboardservice
 JC-120 (sn 380100 to 779499), JC-160 (sn 440100 to 782919)Speakerservice
 JD-990Synthesizer Moduleservice
 Juno-106Programmable Synthesizerservice
 JV-30Multi Timbral Synthesizerservice
 JV-50, JV-35Expandable Synthesizerservice
 JV-880Multi Timbral Synthesizerservice
 JW-50Music Workstationservice
 JX-1Performance Synthesizerservice
 JX-10Super JXservice
 JX-3P, PG-200Preset Polyphonic Synthesizerservice
 JX-8P, PG-800Keyboardservice
KC-500Mixing Keyboard Ampservice
 KR-3000, KR-3000LDigital Keyboardservice
 KR-350Intelligent Pianoservice
KR-3500Intelligent Pianoservice
KR-500Digital Keyboardservice
KR-5500Intelligent Pianoservice
KR-650Intelligent Pianoservice
 LAPC-1, MCB-1LA Sound Card, MIDI Connector Boxservice
 LS-2Line Selectorservice
 M-120Line Mixerservice
 M-160 IILine Mxerservice
 M-160, M-240Line Mixerservice
M-16E, M-24EMixerservice
 M-240R24 Channel Line Mixerservice
M-48048 Input Line Mixerservice
 MA-7, MA-20Micro Monitorservice
 MC-50Micro Composerservice
 MC-50 Mk IIMicro Composerservice
 MC-500Micro Composerservice
 MC-500 Mk IIMicro Composerservice
 MCA-10Midi Connector Boxservice
 MDS-7, MDY-7, MDH-7Drum, Cymbal stand, Pad Holderservice
 MKB-1000, MKB-300Keyboardservice
 MPU-IPCMidi Processor Computer Interfaceservice
 MS-50, SPH-50Speaker, Speaker Holderservice
 MT-100Digital Sequencerservice
 MT-120Digital Sequencerservice
 MT-200, BK-5, BK-7Digital Sequencerservice
 MV-30 (Studio M)Music Production Systemservice
 P-330Sound Systemservice
 P-55 (Sound Canvas)Piano Moduleservice
 PA-200, PA-400Powered Mixerservice
 PAD-5 (Handypad)Drum Padservice
 PAD-8 (Octapad)Drum Padservice
PAD-80 (Octapad II)Drum Padservice
 PC-150MIDI Keyboard Controllerservice
 PC-200MIDI Keyboard Controllerservice
 PC-200 Mk IIMIDI Keyboard Controllerservice
 PD-11, PD-21, PD-31Drum Padservice
 PD-20, PD-10Drum Padservice
 PD-7, KD-7, FD-7Pad, Kick Trigger, Hi-Hat Unitservice
 PD-9Drum Padservice
 PG-1000Linear Synthesizerservice
 PK-5Dynamic MIDI Pedalservice
PM-16Pad Interfaceservice
 PN-2Tremolo, Panservice
 PR-100Digital Sequencerservice
 PRO-EIntelligent Arrangerservice
 R-5Human Rhythm Composerservice
 R-70Human Rhythm Composerservice
 R-8Human Rhythm Composerservice
 R-8 Mk IIHuman Rhythm Composerservice
 R-880Digital Reverbservice
 R-8MTotal Percussion Sound Moduleservice
 RA-50Realtime Arrangerservice
 RA-90Realtime Arrangerservice
 RA-95Realtime Arrangerservice
 RAP-10, RAP-10ATAudio Producerservice
 RAS-770Memory Boardservice
 RD-200, RD-300Keyboardservice
RD-500Digital Pianoservice
 RE-1000Digital Multi Echoservice
 RSP-550Stereo Signal Processorservice
 RSS-8048Sound Space Processorservice
 S-220Digital Samplerservice
 S-330Digital Samplerservice
 S-550Digital Samplerservice
 S-750, RAS-750EDigital Sampler, Memory Boardservice
 S-760Digital Samplerservice
 S-770Digital Samplerservice
 SB-55Sound Brushservice
 SBX-1000Midi Cueing Boxservice
 SC-155Midi Sound Generatorservice
 SC-33, DS-330SoundCanvasservice
 SC-50Midi Sound Generatorservice
 SC-55Midi Sound Generatorservice
 SC-55 Mk IIMidi Sound Generatorservice
 SC-7Sound Moduleservice
 SCC-1GS Sound Cardservice
 SK-5, Key Actuator, 22135202Key ActuatorNOS part
 SPD-11Percussion Padservice
 TB-303Bass Lineservice
 TD-5Percussion Sound Moduleservice
 TD-7Percussion Sound Moduleservice
 TR-505Rhythm Composerservice
 TR-626Rhythm Composerservice
 TR-707, TR-727Rhythm Composerservice
 TR-808Rhythm Composerservice
 U-110Sound Moduleservice
 U-20RS-PCM Keyboardservice
 U-220RS-PCM Sound Moduleservice
 VG-8V-Guitar Systemservice
 VS-1880Digital Studio Workstationservice
 W-30Music Workstationservice
 XP-50Music Workstationservice
 XP-80Music Workstationservice
 22135202, Key Actuator SK-5 (1 available, NOS)Key Actuator SK-5service


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