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Q:  Why do some items have no BUY button?

A:  We have far too many manuals to add to our store and we have no idea what product is requested next.  Therefore, we generally add products to our store as they are requested.




OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media
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   Model #Description type

121 II Turntable Service Memorandum (PDF)

   125SB Single Play exploded view, parts list & service notes   
   1000 & 2000 Turntable exploded view & parts list
  1025, 2025  service manual
  2025 Turntableowner's manual
   30 & 40 Mk II Turntable view & parts list   
   301 Transcription Motor (Turntable)  Owner's book
   311, 313 & 314 Turntable Service memorandu (static guard)   
   3000 Automatic Record Changer service notes & parts list
   3500 (for Sony HP-465A and HP-485) Turntableservice
  4HF, 4-HF Service Manual Sheets   
  40BTurntable service
  4SP, 4SPA, TA Mk IIRecord Changer service
    42M/S & 42M/P Pre-Pack turntable sales brochure
    42M Automatic Record Changer service manual
    42M Pre-Pack turntable Operating instructions
    440 Turntable exploded view, parts list & service notes (can use with 6-300 service manual, 6-000)   
    5-100 & 5-200 Automatic Record Changer view parts list & service information
    50, AT60Turntable service
    50 Mk II, S.L.55, 60 Mk II & S.L.65 turntable parts list & service manual   
    5300 Record Changer service manual
    6-000 Series turntable (6-100, 6-200, 6-300, Unimech & Reverse Unimech)   service manual
    6-300, 6-100, 6-200Record Changer owner service
    600S, 620S & 620SP Auto Turntables exploded view, parts list & Service notes (use with 6-300 service manual)   
    640S & 710E Turntable exploded view, parts list & service notes (can use with 6-300 service manual, 6-000)   
    70 & 62 Turntable exploded view & parts list
    720C, 720M (Record changer), 720SP & 730SP (single player) Turntableexploded view & parts list
    770 Turntable exploded view, parts list & service notes (can use with 6-300 service manual, 6-000)   
    775 Turntable exploded view, parts list & service notes (can use with 6-300 service manual, 6-000)   
    82 & Zero 92 Automatic Transcription Turntable exploded view & parts list
    86SB & Zero 100SB Automatic Transcription Turntable exploded view, parts list & service notes   
    990B0 Turntable exploded view, parts list & service notes   
    A  (see Type A)   
    A70 Turntable service manual
  A & A Mk II Laboratory Series [Type A & Type A, Mk2] Turntable Service manual
    Autoslim, A.T.5, A.T.6 & A.T.6 Mk II Turntable parts list & Service manual
    CC10 & Module X-11 Demi 4-speed Automatic Record Changer service manual

DD131 & DD132

Direct Drive Turntable parts list & exploded view
    DD450 & DD455  Turntable with S tone arm exploded view
    DDQ550 & DDQ650 Turntable exploded view

GT-10 & GT-10P

Automatic Turntableexploded view & service manual
    GT-12 & GT-12P Automatic Turntable exploded view
    GT-15 Automatic Turntable service manual
    GT-25  exploded view & spare parts list Automatic Turntable 
    GT25 & GT35 Turntable service manual
  GT55 & GT55P  [service information, exploded view & parts list] , [technical service information] , [service bulletin] Turntableservicing information
  GT55 /P Technical Service Information & service bulletin. Turntable 
  GT55 /P Service Bulletin only Turntableservice bulletin
    GT120AP  exploded view & parts list Turntable 
  GT250, GT250P, GT250AP, GT350, GT350P & 350AP Exploded view, spare parts list Turntable  
  LAB 80 (LAB80), LAB 80 Mk II (LAB80 Mk II) Turntableservice
    Module X-10 Turntable Owner's manual
    MRM101 Music Recover Module Service information
  R.C. 80 (RC-80)Record Changer service
  R.C.88/4, R.C.98/4 (RC88/4, RC98/4)Turntable service
    R.C.88 Mk II   (use with 300-314 for Type A) Record ChangerService Instructions
    R.C.90 Automatic Record Changer Service Instructions
    R.C. 120/4, R.C. 121/4 (RC120, RC121) Turntableservice
  R.C.120 Mk II & R.C.121 Mk II(R.C.120/4 Mk II, R.C.121/4 Mk II) 4-Speedd record changer (also covers 3-speed version)   Service instructions
  RC210 & RC209 (RC 210 & RC 209) Turntable Service Sheets Manual   
    SCK-1 & SCK-2 Record Player Stereophonic Conversion Kit   
    SL55B & SL65B Automatic Record Changer views, parts list & service information   
    SL55B Automatic Record Changer Owner's instructions   
    SL72B Auto Transcription turntable Supplementary Service manual   
    SL72B (Synchro-Lab 72B) Turntable Owner's Instruction Manual   
    SL72B Turntable mounting template   
    SL72B & SLX-3 turntable exploded view & parts list   
  SL75 (SL 75), SL95 (SL 95)Turntable service
  SL75B (SL 75B), SL95B (SL 95B) includes: [SL-95b supplement] + [SL75/95 Service Manual]Turntable supplement + service
    SL75B, SL95B (SL 75B, SL 95B)Turntable owners
  SL95B Auto Turntable supplementary service manual   
    SL95B & SL75B Turntable exploded view & parts list   
    SL-95B (Synchro-Lab 95B) Turntable Instruction manual   
  SLX Turntable engineers service manual
    SLx, SLX, SLX-2 (SLx-2)Turntable service
    SLx-2Turntable owner
  SLX-3Turntable owner
    SLX & SLX-2 Turntable parts list & service manual (X-10 supplement included)   
    SLX-2 Turntable Owner's Manual
    SP20BTurntable owner
    SP 20B Single Record Playing Unit Instructions for use   
    SP25 Mk III, SP25 Mk IV (SP-25 Mk III, SP-25 Mk IV) Turntableservice
  SP25 Mk V Single Record Playing Unit exploded view, parts list & service notes   
    SP25 Mk VI Belt Drive Turntable exploded view & parts list   
    T & TA 3-speed single record player service instructions   
  Type A  service
    Zero 100 (100, 100C, 100S, 100SC)Turntable service
    Zero 100 (original version)Turntable service
  Z2000BTurntable parts service
    Zero 100 Automatic Transcription Turntable   Owner's manual
  Zero 100, Zero 100C, Zero 100S & Zero 100SC Automatic Transcription Turntable Service Manual, exploded view & parts list   
    Zero 100 Transcription Turntable Sales Brochure (shows entire line with prices)   


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