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Please read the following important company policy information BEFORE making a purchase.
PRODUCT DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS can be found here: How to Download Tutorial

ELECTRONIC DELIVERY of PDF manuals: Our shopping cart has a feature that allows you to download the product immediately after you pay for it. If you purchased a manual in electronic PDF format, you will be returned to your account page after checkout, and presented with a download link for you to redeem your manual. It's not easy to see but it should be there. A few products cannot be properly fulfilled via our system. This due to file size limitations that our system is unable to handle via the automated method so files with extremely large sizes are unable to be fulfilled via this method. In this case, the file you download will be replaced with a pdf page providing you with an alternate download link which is better suited to download large files. In any event, should you encounter any issues downloading your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you retrieve your purchase. To purchase an electronic copy of a product, please select PDF/Electronic delivery on the product option when adding to cart.

ORDER MISTAKES involving Digital Goods: If you claim that you made a purchase of a PDF or digital product by mistake and the product description states that you are purchasing a digital product (PDF, Image, etc.) then the sale is final and AS-IS and we do not offer refunds, especially in cases where the file has already been downloaded. Please note that all downloads are distributed through a secure transaction and our server logs all such downloads. Only during a secure cookie based transaction or client log-in will a product be downloadable.

REFUNDS FOR DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS: If you have a problem downloading a product, see preceeding paragraph regarding "ELECTRONIC DELIVERY". If you still cannot figure out how to download a product, then please contact us and we will either email you the file directly, or we will provide you with an alternate download address that is easier to navigate. In any event, you agree by making a purchase of a downloadable product that you will provide at least 48 hours to resolve any download issues before filing a refund claim for non-receipt of item due to download issues. Although an item may be available with an "instant download" feature, we do not guarantee the ability to "instantly" download a product in every case due to possible internet related issues such as connection-time-out, internet connectivity issues, browser incompatibility, etc. However, we do guarantee that you will receive the product, either through one of the following methods: (1) the instant download feature, (2) by emailing the file directly to you, (3) by uploading the file to an alternate location for you to download from, and lastly (4) if all other attempts fail to deliver the file through electronic means, we will mail the item to you on a CD-Rom disc.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING of printed manuals: Please select the proper product option when adding the item to your cart. Each manual that is ready to ship will have an option to ship via International or USA (domestic) options.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING of printed manuals: Please select the proper product option when adding the item to your cart. Each manual that is ready to ship will have an option to ship via International or USA (domestic) options.

RETURNS: We do not accept returns for PDF manuals unless (1) we provided you with the wrong product in which case, we will either send you the proper manual, or if we do not have it, will refund your purchase price; (2) you chose the wrong manual to purchase, in which case, we may, at our discretion, provide you with store credit towards another item. Returns for printed manuals are not accepted unless (1) we shipped you the wrong item, in which case, we will refund your purchase in full including return shipping or replace the wrong manual with the correct one. Item must be returned in the original condition in which it was shipped.

MISPRINTS and other manual issues: We are unable to guarantee that the manual you purchase will be suitable for your use, or that the information provided is complete. Factory misprints are common. Also, manuals and the products they cover are frequently revised. We have no knowledge of that and cannot guarantee that a manual will match the internal components in your device.

PDF manuals SUPPORT: You will find that 95% of our electronic manuals are the best in the business. We strive to maintain at least one original copy of each PDF manual we sell. This is so that if you find an issue with any pdf manual and need clarification, we can refer to the original document to compare. We will rescan a portion of a manual for you if you find a section unreadable to the extent that the original is better. This is not always the case and some manufacturers' publications are barely or not entirely readable even in the original document as the information was printed either too small to begin with, or with paper that blots/bleeds so that fine lines and legends are blurred or not clear. In this case, we can only guarantee that the reproduced electronic copy is as readable as the original and no better.
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