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Welcome members and Thank you for visiting.  AnalogAlley offers service manuals and other electronics related literature to help you with servicing and repair of electronic gear for your business or your hobby. 

We offer only excellent quality PDF manuals which we scan in-house, and we also sell factory paper manuals of  those editions that we have duplicates of.  In the past, we sold lots of paper manuals but moving forward, we have found that customers prefer PDF versions since they can be purchased with no shipping costs added, and they can download them immediately after payment/checkout.  For manuals we have in our archives  but which are not yet listed in our online ready-to-purchase catalog, we can add them usually within 24 hours upon request.  We NEVER charge for a manual before we have them available for immediate downloadable purchase.

As for pricing, we try to be competitive but as each manual can take many hours to convert, we simply can not offer them for free, or for less than a McDonalds happy meal.  We have been offered, for purchase, a hard drive full of manuals to resell (no doubt many competitors are selling those exact same ones) but we refuse to offer anything except our own in-house efforts since we want to ensure that you get the best quality products possible.  Frankly we believe that the quality of our manuals rivals or exceeds those offered by any competitor, at any price.  If you buy an AnalogAlley PDF manual, you can be sure that it was scanned in-house and not something downloaded from the web to resell, nor will you find them anywhere else online (unless it was posted or being sold without our permission).

Special Deal:  If you are a first time AnalogAlley customer, we are offering you a 20% off discount just for asking.  Here is how it works:

    (1) Send us a discount request indicating your userid in the comments section of our contact form.
    (2) Indicate which product(s) you wish to purchase.
    (3) We will place that item(s) on special for you for a limited time, and notify you via email.
    (4) Purchase and download the item within 48 hours.
    (5) Limitations Apply: Only PDF versions of manuals already listed in our online ready-to-purchase catalog qualifies for the discount.

We understand that submitting a discount request may delay your order a bit, especially if you need the manual "instantly."  However, at the current time, we do not have a mechanism in our online store to apply coupons, nor do we have the technical programming expertise  to add that to our site.

Now, to get started:

Visit our online store to purchase and instantly download PDF manuals Visit our archives list to search for a manual you need that isn't already in our online catalog.  If we have it, please submit a request to add the item to our online catalog, or request a quote for paper manual. Click here to visit our main home page. Our contact form, please use this to send us a manual request, and add any questions or comments in the comment text box.



Drop me a line for feedback or get information: Norman