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OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media

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Model #Descriptiontype
1984 SX-V90, CT-A9, Centrate FEX-95, LD-700, P-D70Various Productssales
A-40, SA-940, SA-905, SA-950Integrated Amplifierservice
A-5Integrated Amplifierservice
A-6, A-5Integrated Amplifierservice
A-60Integrated Amplifierservice
A-7Integrated Amplifierservice
A-70Integrated Amplifierservice
A-77XIntegrated Amplifierservice
A-8Integrated Amplifierservice
A-80Integrated Amplifierservice
A-88XIntegrated Amplifierservice
A-9Integrated Amplifierservice
A-90Integrated Amplifierservice
A-C5, A-C3Amplifierservice
A-X50Integrated Amplifierservice
A-X700Stereo Amplifierservice
A-X8Integrated Amplifierservice
A-X900Integrated Amplifierservice
AD-304Power Amplifierservice
AD-306Noise Supressorservice
AD-307Noise Supressorservice
AD-312, AD-320 (AD312, AD320)Power Amplifierservice
AD-360Power Amplifierservice
AD-C2Handle Kitservice
AD-C2S, AD-C3, AD-C3SHandle Kitservice
AF-61A, AF-41Ansafoneschematic
AH-711Compact Systemservice
AN-70DAB, AN-75DABAntennaservice
ARP2064 (Adjustments for CLD Players)CLD Player Adjustmentsservice
AS-200, AS-303A, AS-305ALoudspeakerschematic
AS-22, AS-30Speaker Systemschematic
AS-E500Speaker Systemschematic
AS-E700Speaker Systemschematic
AVD-505Color Displayservice
AVD-W6000LDC Displayservice
AVD-W6010LCD Displayservice
AVD-W8000LCD Rear Displayservice
AVIC-9DVDDVD Navigation Unitservice
AVM-P505RAudio Visual Master Unitservice
AVM-P8000R, AVM-P8000Audio Visual Master Unitservice
AVM-P9000R, AVM-P9000Multi channel AV Master Unitservice
AVX-505AV System Monitorservice
AVX-7000AV System Displayservice
AVX-P7000CD, AVX-P7000AV System Displayservice
AX-3Integrated Amplifierservice
AX-330AM Receiverschematic
AX-5Integrated Amplifierservice
AX-7Integrated Amplifierservice
BA-20 (Amplifier), BC-10 (Cushion), BC-11 (Cushion)Body Sonicservice
BP-320Power Boosterservice
BP-720, BP-520Equalizer Power Boosterservice
BSP-C3Headrest Speakersservice
BSS-780Body Sonicservice
BSS-C1Bodysonic System for Car Stereoservice
BSS-C1Bodysonic Systemservice
BSS-C3Bodysonic Systemservice
BSY-103Surround Volume Controllerservice
C-2000, S-450Stereo Systemschematic
C-3500, S-4600Stereo Systemschematic
C-4500Compact Stereoschematic
C-4500ACompact Stereoschematic
C-4600Compact Stereoschematic
C-5600Stereo Systemschematic
C-5600A, C-5600D, C-6000ACompact Stereoschematic
C-5600DCompact Stereoservice
C-6000Stereo Systemschematic
C-AX10Digital Control Amplifierservice
CA-100Tape Creating Amplifierservice
CA-X7Sound Processorservice
CB-05, CB-055, CB-100Z, CB-530W, CB-A1000, CB-A3000, CB-A9000Audio Rackservice
CB-B3000, CB-B5000, CB-B9000, CB-B9900, CB-V251Audio Rackservice
CD-29, CD-129Auto Interconnectservice
CD-606Amplifier Balancerservice
CD-707Dual Amplifier Balancerservice
CD-BB92Bus Interfaceservice
CD-CM1Wireless Cellular Mute Kitservice
CD-FM7Multi-CD Adaptorschematic board
CD-HF1Handsfree system kitservice
CD-M1Multi-Play CD Controllerservice
CD-P33Multiple Installaton Adapterservice
CD-P44Multi-Installation Adaptorservice
CD-P70FM, CD-P75FMMulti-Play CD Adaptorservice
CD-PC1PC Link Kitservice
CD-R90, CD-R909Remote Controlservice
CD-RB20RCA to IP-Bus Interconnectorservice
CD-S9 (FEX-95 Centrex)Remote Controlservice
CD-VC50-02Voice Control Disc Selectorservice
CD-VS33Audio Video Selectorservice
CDL-V880CD VCD LD Playerservice
CDS-P45Spectrum Analyzer CD Playerservice
CDS-P45CD Player Spectrum Analyzerservice
CDX-1Auto CD Playerservice
CDX-1CD Playerservice
CDX-1CD Playercircuit description
CDX-FM121Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-FM1277, CDX-FM1279Universal Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-FM128Universal Multi-CD Systemschematic board
CDX-FM35Universal CDservice
CDX-FM35Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-FM45Universal CDservice
CDX-FM45Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-FM61Universal Multi-CDschematic board
CDX-FM65Universal Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-FM67, CDX-FM63, CDX-FM65Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-FM677, CDX-FM673Universal Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-M12, CDX-M12ZGMulti-CD Playerschematic board
CDX-M2086 (use CX-652 for CD mechanism)Multi-CD Playerservice
CDX-M30, CDX-M33Multi-Play CD Playerservice
CDX-M50Multi CDservice
CDX-M50Multi-CD Systemservice
CDX-M6Multi-CD Playerschematic board
CDX-P1CD Player & Control Amplifierservice
CDX-P1200Multi-CD Playerschematic board
CDX-P1210Multi CD Playerschematic
CDX-P1270Multi-CD Playerservice
CDX-P2000Multi CD Playerschematic board
CDX-P2050VC, CDX-02050VN, CDX-02050VSVoice Control Multi-CD Playerservice
CDX-P600, CDX-P606Multi-CD Playerschematic board
CDX-P616, CDX-P610Multi-CD Playerservice
CDX-P670, CDX-P676Multi-CD Playerservice
CK-5Portable Component Systemservice
CK-W50Portable Systemservice
CL-J35LDCLD Cassette Deck Receiverschematic board
CLD-1080CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-1090, CLD-2090, CLD-3090CD CDV LD Playerservice guide
CLD-1580K, CLD-V710CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-1590KCD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-3070CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-3070CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-3070CD CDV LD Playerservice guide
CLD-3090CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-53CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-59CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-900CD LD Playerservice
CLD-909, CLD-909BK (pick up assembly replacing & adjusting procedure)CD LD Playerservice info
CLD-99, CLD-79CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-D406CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-D502, CLD-D560CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-D503, CLD-D570CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-D504CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-D604CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-D605, CLD-505CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-D702, CLD-D760CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-D703, CLD-D770, (CLD-D503, CLD-D570, CLD-S360 - service guide)CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-D704CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-E2000CD CDV LD Playerchange
CLD-M403CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-M90LD CD CDV Playerservice
CLD-S105CD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-S303CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-S304, CLD-S104CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-V121GCD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-V303TTwin LD CD DCV Playerservice
CLD-V5000CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-V720CD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-V750, CLD-1730KCD CDV LD Playerschematic board
CLD-V850, CLD-2730KCD CDV LD Playerservice
CLD-V870CD CDV LD Playerservice
CMX-3000, CU-V163CD Player & Remote Controllservice
CP-05Speaker Baseservice
CS-05, CS-15, CS-30, CS-22A, CS-40, CS-50, CS-60, CS-055, CS-66G, CS-99A, CS-A770, CS-400WLoudspeakerservice
CS-11, CS-15A, CS-23, CS-248Speaker Systemschematic
CS-22, CS-33, CS-44, CS-55, CS-66, CS-77, CS-88, CS-99Loudspeakerschematic
CS-3000ASpeaker Systemschematic
CS-301, CS-701, CS-701A, CS-R600Speaker Systemschematic
CS-30A, CS-313, CS-40ASpeaker Systemschematic
CS-311, CS-411Speaker Systemschematic
CS-33A, CS-77A, CS-88ALoudspeakerschematic
CS-405, CS-500G, CS-600W, CS-603, CS-703, CS-605, CS-700G, CS-701A, CS-801A, CS-901ALoudspeakerservice
CS-44G, CS-66GSpeaker Systemschematic
CS-500G, CS-66ASpeaker Systemschematic
CS-50A, CS-60ASpeaker Systemschematic
CS-51, CS-52, CS-52T, CS-53, CS-54, CS-63, CS-63A, CS-63DX, CS-05Loudspeakerschematic
CS-5F, CS-F51Speaker Systemschematic
CS-605, CS-66A, CS-705, CS-710, CS-610, CS-510, CS-410, CS-720, CS-620, CS-520, CS-420Loudspeakerservice
CS-66E, CS-06Speaker Systemschematic
CS-7, CS-8, CS-10, CS-15, CS-30, CS-40, CS-50, CS-60, CS-100Loudspeakerschematic
CS-705, CS-730, CS-811, CS-911, CS-A500, CS-A700, CS-A1000, CS-B1000, CS-A5000, CS-A9000Loudspeakerservice
CS-800W, CS-905, CS-705, CS-605 (bulletin), CS-A1000, CS-A5000, CS-A9000, CS-B1000, CS-B5000Loudspeakerservice
CS-801, CS-801ASpeaker Systemschematic
CS-901, CS-901ASpeaker Systemschematic
CS-B5000D, CS-B9000, CS-B9000D, CS-C1000, CS-C11, CS-C3, CS-C5000, CS-C7, CS-C9000, CS-C9900Loudspeakerservice
CS-B5000D, CS-C3, CS-C11, CS-E350, CS-E400, CS-E600, CS-X100, CS-E450, CS-E700Loudspeakerservice
CS-C180-K, CS-C180-QSpeaker Systemservice
CS-D9001, CS-D7001, CS-E7000, CS-E9000, CS-E9900, CS-V9930, CS-E9900-QLoudspeakerservice
CS-E200, CS-E220, CS-E300Speaker Systemschematic
CS-E320, CS-E420Speaker Systemschematic
CS-E450, CS-E530Speaker Systemschematic
CS-E500, CS-E900Loudspeakerschematic
CS-E730Speaker Systemschematic
CS-E830Speaker Systemschematic
CS-G1000, CS-G100W, CS-G1011W, CS-G1022W, CS-G101WALoudspeakerservice
CS-G101W, CS-G301W, CS-G301, CS-G3000, CS-R300, CS-R500, CS-R700, CS-06, Loudspeakerservice
CS-G2000, CS-G200W, CS-G2011W, CS-G2022W, CS-G201W, CS-G201, CS-G201WA, GS-G3000Loudspeakerservice
CS-G301W, CS-G301, CS-G301WA, CS-G500W, CS-G900W, CS-R300, CS-R500, CS-R700, CS-06Loudspeakerservice
CS-G703, CS-G503, CS-R370, CS-R371, CS-R770, CS-V970Speakerservice
CS-H9Speaker Systemschematic
CS-R100, PROJECT 60, CS-R300, CS-R300-1Speaker Systemschematic
CS-R500, CS-R500-1, CS-R700Speaker Systemschematic
CS-R570-Q, CS-R570-K, CS-R571Speaker Systemservice
CS-R780-KSpeaker Systemservice
CS-T2100-K, CS-T2100-Q, CS-T5100-K, CS-T5100-Q, CS-T7100, HTP-105-FCR, HTP-205-FCRSpeakerservice
CS-T8Speaker Systemschematic
CS-V12, CS-V70A, CS-V900D, CS-V9010, CS-V9910, CS-VX110, CS-VX50Loudspeakerservice
CS-X100, CS-X100-1, CS-T61Speaker Systemschematic
CS-X380-K, CS-X380-QSpeaker Systemservice
CSR-1Reverberation Amplifierschematic
CT-055WCassette Deckservice
CT-05WDouble Cassette Deckservice
CT-10, CT-340Cassette Deckservice
CT-1060W, CT-S77WDual Cassette Deckservice
CT-110Cassette Deckservice
CT-1160R, CT-S55RCassette Deckservice
CT-20Cassette Deckservice
CT-20, CT-30, CT-40, CT-540, CT-740, CT-940Cassette Deckmodification
CT-3Cassette Deckservice
CT-30Cassette Deckservice
CT-301, CT-350, CT-305Cassette Deckservice
CT-3131Cassette Deckschematic
CT-3131ACassette Deckschematic
CT-3131ACassette Deckschematic
CT-320Cassette Deckservice
CT-330Cassette Deckservice
CT-4Cassette Deckservice
CT-40, CT-940, CT-20, CT-30, CT-540, CT-940, CT-850Cassette Deckservice
CT-4141Cassette Deckschematic
CT-4141, CT-3131Cassette Deckservice
CT-4141ACassette Deckschematic
CT-4141ACassette Deckservice
CT-4141ECassette Deckservice
CT-43Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-5Cassette Deckservice
CT-501Cassette Deckservice
CT-5151Cassette Deckschematic
CT-520Cassette Deckservice
CT-540Cassette Deckservice
CT-660, CT-S11Cassette Deckservice
CT-6R, CT-7R, CT-8R, CT-9R, CT-720, CT-930 (Replace old cassette mechanism with new)Cassette Deckservice info
CT-70RCassette Deckservice
CT-720Cassette Deckservice
CT-730Cassette Deckservice
CT-740Cassette Deckservice
CT-760, CT-S22Cassette Deckservice
CT-7RCassette Deckservice
CT-8RCassette Deckservice
CT-90RCassette Deckservice
CT-930Cassette Deckservice
CT-960, CT-S44Cassette Deckservice
CT-9RCassette Deckowner
CT-9RCassette Deckservice
CT-A9, CT-A7Cassette Tape Deckservice
CT-C7Cassette Deckservice
CT-C8Cassette Deckservice
CT-C9WCassette Deckservice
CT-F1250Cassette Deckservice
CT-F6161Cassette Deckservice
CT-F7171Cassette Deckschematic
CT-F755Tape Deckservice
CT-F850Cassette Deckservice
CT-F900Cassette Deckservice
CT-S88RCassette Deckservice
CT-S99WR, CT-V70Cassette Deckservice
CT-W103Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W205R, CT-W4000Double Cassette Deckservice
CT-W208RDouble Cassette Deckservice
CT-W300, CT-W300-SCassette Deckservice
CT-W302RDual Cassette Deckowner
CT-W402R, CT-W420RDual Cassette Deckchange
CT-W403RDual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W404RDouble Cassette Deckservice
CT-W502RDual Cassette Deckservice
CT-W503RDual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W504RDual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W505RDouble Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W53Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W54Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W602RDual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W603RSDual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W604RSDouble Cassette Deckschematic
CT-W703RSDual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-W704RSDual Cassetteschematic board
CT-W706DR, CT-W606DR, CT-05DDouble Cassette Deckservice
CT-W770Dual Cassette Deckschematic board
CT-1040W, CT-X8W, CT-05WDual Cassette Deckservice
CT-W802R, CT-W820R, CT-W720RDual Cassette Deckchange
CT-W806DR, CT-07DDouble Cassette Deckservice
CT-WM62RMulti-Cassette Changerservice
CT-X300, CT-X6Tape Deckservice
CT-X500Cassette Deckservice
CT-X700W, CT-X500Dual Cassette Deckservice
CT-Z99WCassestte Deckservice
CX-1011 (3L)Cassette Mechanismservice
CX-146 (UKP-7120, UKP-7600, UKP-7200, UKP-4200, KP-7500, KP-7800, UPX-9600, UKE-7100)Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-146 (UKP-7201, KEX-65, KP-7200, KP-7230, KP-4205, KP-313G, KP-4200, KP-4230)Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-147 (KEX-33, KEX-31, KEX-33SDK, KEX-33DKWG, KEX-31SA, UPX-8600SA, KP-2205, KP-212G, KP-212E)Cassette mechanism Unitservice
CX-147 (KP-202G, KP-404G, UKP-2200, UKP-5200, UKP-5600, UKP-5210, UPX-8600, UKE-3100)Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-152A, CX-152B, CX-156, CX-152Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-166Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-175Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-197Cassette Mechanical Assemblyservice
CX-4000S, CX-4000Tuner Control Amplifierservice
CX-529Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-540CD Mechanism Moduleservice
CX-597CD Mechanism Moduleservice
CX-612, CX-613Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-624CD Mechanism Unitservice
CX-631Cassette Mechanism Unitservice
CX-633CD Mechanism Unitschematic
CX-680CD Mechanism Moduleservice
CX-692DVD CD Mechanism Unitservice
CX-770S, CX-770Tuner Control Amplifierschematic board
CX-954 (SDV-P7, AVX-P7300DVD)DVD Drive Mechanismservice
CX-958CD Mechanismservice
CX-977CD Mechanism Moduleservice
DC-111Z, DC-110ZDeck Amplifierservice
DC-200Z, DC-201ZDeck Amlifierservice
DC-221Z, DC-220ZDeck Amplifierservice
DC-X11Z, DC-X10ZCassette Deck Amplifierservice
DC-X21Z, DC-X20ZDual Cassette with Amplifierservice
DEH-1100, DEH-11AM FM CD Playerservice
DEH-1300, DEH-12FM AM CD Stereoservice
DEH-1400, DEH-14FM AM CD Receiverservice
DEH-2100, DEH-21AM FM CD Playerservice
DEH-225AM FM Tuner CD Playersupplement
DEH-2300, DEH-230, DEH-23FM AM CD Playerservice
DEH-44, DEH-730, DEH-720, DEH-520AM FM CD Playerschematic board
DEH-50DH, DEH-40DHAM FM CD Playerservice
DEH-55, DEH-FFSDK (use with DEH-66, DEH-66SDK)CD Player & Tunerservice
DEH-59, DEH-52, DEH-525, DEH-49, DEH-42, DEH-425, DEH-225AM FM CD Playerschematic board
DEH-5Q5, DEH-513, DEH-47, DEH-415, DEH-313, DEH-215, DEH-213AM FM CD Playerservice
DEH-65DH, DEH-55DHAM FM CD Playerservice
DEH-66DH, DEH-46DHCD Player FM, AMservice
DEH-750, DEH-650, DEH-620, DEH-80, DEH-700SDK, DEH-700, DEH-600CD Tunerservice
DEH-M980, DEH-M77, DEH-M940, DEH-M980RDSMulti-CD Tunerservice
DEH-M980, DEH-M77, DEH-M940, DEH-M980RDSMulti CD Tunerservice
DEH-M990RDS, DEH-M990DSP, DEH-M970DSPCD Control Player AM FM Receiverservice
DEH-P330, DEH-P3300, DEH-P33CD Control Tuner CD Playerservice
DEH-P3300FM AM CD Playerservice
DEH-P3370XMAM FM CD Playerservice
DEH-P41, DEH-P3100, DEH-P31Multi-CD AM FM Playerservice
DEH-P410, DEH-P4100, DEH-P310Multi-CD AM FM Playerservice
DEH-P430, DEH-P4300, DEH-P43CD Control Tuner CD Playerservice
DEH-P520, DEH-P5200, DEH-P5250AM FM CD Player changer controllerservice
DEH-P630, DEH-P6300CD Control Tuner CD Playerservice
DEH-P645, DEH-P56, DEH-P545, DEH-46, DEH-445, DEH-41Multi-CD AM FM Playerservice
DEH-P705, DEH-P65, DEH-P605AM FM CD Controlschematic board
DEH-P714, DEH-P67, DEH-P615FM AM CD Player Changer Controlschematic
DEH-P720, DEH-P7200AM FM CD Player changer controllerservice
DEH-P725, DEH-P725-W, DEH-P625, DEX-P88AM FM CD Playerschematic board
DEH-P77DH, DEH-P47DHAM FM CD Player changer controllerservice
DEH-P8200R, DEH-P8250AM FM CD Player changer controllerservice
DEH-P825, DEX-P99Multi-CD Control Receiverschematic board
DEH-P8400MP, DEH-P840MPHead Unitservice
DEH-P85DHR, DEH-P75DHMulti-CD AM FMschematic board
DEH-P900R, DEH-P9050CD Player RDS Tunerservice
DEH-P930, DEH-P9300, DEH-P9350FM AM Multi-CD Playerservice
DEQ-9200DSP Audio Processorschematic board
DEQ-P800Audio Processorservice
DEQ-P9Digital Preamp Equalizerservice
DEX-P1R, DEH-P946, DEX-P1FM AM CD Receiverservice
DEX-P1R, DEH-P946, DEX-P1CD Playerservice
DEX-P9, DEX-P9RFM AM CD Multi-CD DVD Playerservice
DEX-P98R, DEX-P8Multi-CD Control Receiverservice
DJM-300DJ Mixerservice
DM-C820Uni-Directional Dynamic Microphoneservice
DT-540, DT-550, DT-505, DT-560Audio Digital Timerservice
DV-05, DV-S5DVD Playerservice
DV-340DVD Playerowner
DV-444, DV-440DVD Playerservice
DV-444-K, DV-444-SDVD Playerowner
DV-47A, DV-S733A, DV-747ADVD Playerservice
DV-500DVD Playerservice
DV-505, DV-606DDVD Playerservice
DV-515DVD Playertech info
DV-515, DV-414DVD Playerservice
DV-545DVD Playerowner
DV-626DDVD Playerservice
DV-646ADVD Playerowner
DV-AX10DVD Playerservice
DV-AX10DVD Playerowner
DV-C302D, DV-K302CDDVD Playerservice
DV-C503DVD Playerservice
DVL-909, DVL-91DVD LD Playerservice
DVL-919DVD Playerservice
DVL-V888DVD CD VCD LD Playerservice
DVR-7000DVD Recorderservice
E-1000ACompact Stereoschematic
ES-2000System Stereoschematic
EX-9000Dynamic Expanderservice
Exclusive C3Preamplifierschematic
Exclusive M3Power Amplifierschematic
F-C3Tunerschematic board
F-X10ZL, F-X11ZL, TX-110ZL, TX-111ZL, TX-110Z, TX-111ZStereo Tunerservice
F-X20ZL, F-X21ZLTunerservice
F-X5FM/AM Tunerservice
F-X500, F-X500LTunerservice
F-X700FM/AM Tunerservice
F-X9FM/AM Tunerservice
FA-C5Tuner Amplifierservice
FD-3System Stereoschematic
FEX-55Car Audio Systemservice
FEX-95Cassette Car Audioservice
FH-P404, FH-P404-ESMulti-CD, MD Control Tuner CD Deckservice
FH-P80Multi-CD Control Tuner CD Playerservice
FH-P85Multi CD Tuner CD Deck Amplifierservice
FH-P8800Multi-CD Cassette AM FM Playerservice
FX-330FM Receiverschematic
GEX-FM903XMUniversal XM Tunerservice
GEX-P7000TV, GEX-P7000TVPHide-Away TV Tunerservice
GEX-P900XMXM Digital Tunerservice
GM-2000, GM-1000Brideable Power Amplifierservice
GM-202, GM-102Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-43, GM-42, GM-41Car Stereoservice
GM-A200Car Stereoservice
GM-X1024, GM-X924Four-Channel Power Amplifierservice
GM-X352Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X354Bridgeable 4 Channel Power Ampservice
GM-X3644-Channel Bridgeable Amplifierservice
GM-X402, GM-X302, GM-X402-02, GM-X312Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X404, GM-X304Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X412Bridgeable Power Ampservice
GM-X414Bridgeable 4-channel Ampservice
GM-X552Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X554Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X562Bridgeable Amplifierservice
GM-X5644-Channel Bridgeable Amplifierservice
GM-X622, GM-X522Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X624, GM-X524Four-Channel Power Amplifierservice
GM-X642, GM-X542Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X644, GM-X544Bridgeable Four-Channel Amplifierservice
GM-X702Bridgeable Power Amplifierschematic board
GM-X822, GM-X722Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X922, GM-X1022Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X942, GM-X742Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X944Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
GM-X952Power Amplifierservice
GOL-1, ADP-1Goggle, Adaptorservice
GPS-X77Car Navigation Systemschematic board
GR-560BK, GR-560Graphic Equalizerservice
GR-860Graphic Equalizerservice
GTS-X80Auto Super Woofer Systemservice
H-33K8 Track Cassette Playerschematic
H-555KTrack Tape Playerschematic
H-608-Track Playerschematic
H-600ETrack Tape Playerschematic
H-6018-Track Playerschematic
H-60ETrack Stereo Deckschematic
H-7000KTrack Tape Playerschematic
H-802FTrack Tape Playerschematic
H-803F, H-803F SABSTrack Tape Playerschematic
H-82F8 Track Cassette Playerschematic
H-R82F8 Track Cassette Playerschematic
H-R88K, H-R88N8 Track Cassette Playerschematic
HF-90MPower Amplifierschematic
HF-90MHPower Amplifierschematic
HPM-100, HPM-60, HPM-40Speakerservice
HPM-900, HPM-700, HPM-500, S-55X, S-77XLoudspeakerchange
HTP-240-K, HTP-240-S, HTP-2550DV, HTP-2600, HTP-3600Home Theater Systemservice
HTP-305-FCR, S-CR105, S-CR2025, S-L5V-K, CS-G305-K, CS-G305-Q, S-A880VSpeakerservice
HTP-55Home Theatre Systemservice
HTP105, HTP205-SW, HTP305-SWPowered Subwooferservice
HTV-C1Control Centerservice
HTZ-7, HTZ-C7, HTZ-SW7DVD Surround Systemservice
HTZ-7, HTZ-C7, HTZ-SW7, HTZ-ST7DVD Surround Systemservice
IS-31Intergrated Systemschematic
IS-70Powered Loudspeakerschematic
IS-80Powered Loudspeakerschematic
KE-1303QR, KE-1800QR, KE-2800QR, KE-2850QR, KE-2800BAM FM Cassetteschematic board
KE-1900, KE-2900AM FM Cassetteservice
KE-1900, KE-2900AM FM Cassetteservice
KE-3232, KE-3011, KE-2222, KE-2515AM FM Cassetteservice
KE-4900 (Super Tuner III)AM FM Cassetteservice
KE-5000AM FM Cassetteservice
KE-8101ZMAudio Systemservice
KE-8181, KE-6161, KE-4141, KE-2121Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KE-A380Electronic Tunerservice
KE-A433AMCassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KE-A530, KE-5400Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KE-A630, KE-6400Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KE-A730, KE-7400Electronic Tunerservice
KE-3050QRAM FM Auto Stereoservice
KEC-P580, KEH-P5800, KEH-P5850Cassette Player FM, AMservice
KEH-1400, KEH-1311, KEH-1100AM FM Cassette Playerschematic board
KEH-1900, KEH-1950Cassette AM FM service
KEH-1940, KEH-1960Cassette AM FM LW Playerservice
KEH-3939, KEH-2929FM AM Car Stereoschematic
KEH-5301, KEH-5300, KEH-5300SDK, KEH-5200, KEH-5250AM FM Cassetteservice
KEH-9000FM/AM Tunerservice
KEH-9898TR, KEH-8888, KEH-7878, KEH-6868Cassette Tunerservice
KEH-M5500, KEH-M580, KEH-M4500, KEH-M5550AM FM CD Control Amplifierservice
KEH-M650, KEH-M8200, KEH-M8250Multi-CD Tunerservice
KEH-M780, KEH-M8500Multi-CD Tunerschematic board
KEH-M780, KEH-M8500, KEH-M8550CD Control Player AM FM Receiverservice
KEH-P1010, KEH-P1015CD Control Tuner Cassette Playerservice
KEH-P3600Multi-CD AM FM Cassetteschematic board
KEH-P4000, KEH-P4005AM FM CD Changerservice
KEH-P404, KEH-P4400, KEH-3400Multi-CD Control Tuner CD Playerschematic board
KEH-P414, KEH-P4600FM AM Cassette CD controlschematic board
KEH-P4200, KEH-P4250, KEH-P4110, KEH-P20, KEH-P10CD Control Tuner Deck Amplifierservice
KEH-P4800, KEH-P4850Cassette Player Am, FMservice
KEH-P490, KEH-P4900, KEH-P4950Multi-CD Cassette AM FM Playerservice
KEH-P5000, KEH-P570, KEH-P5005CD Control FM AM Deckschematic board
KEH-P5015, KEH-P4015, KEH-P4010FM AM CD Cassette Playerservice
KEH-P515, KEH-P5600FM AM Cassette CD controlschematic board
KEH-P5900, KEH-P5950AM FM Cassette CD Changer Controllerservice
KEH-P6000FM AM CD Deck Amplifierservice
KEH-P601, KEH-P6010CD Control Tuner Cassette Playerservice
KEH-P6200, KEH-P590, KEH-P5200AM FM CD Cassetteservice
KEH-P690, KEH-P6950AM FM Cassette CD Changer Controllerservice
KEH-P790, KEH-P7200CD Control Tuner Cassette Playerschematic board
KEH-P818R, KEH-P8600RMulti-CD Control Cassette Receiverservice
KEH-P990, KEH-P8200, KEH-P8200-WCD Control Tuner Cassette Playerschematic board
KEX-20AM FM Cassetteservice
KEX-65AM FM Cassetteservice
KEX-900, KEX-500AM FM Auto Stereoservice
KEX-M800, KEX-M800SDKMulti-CD Tunerservice
KEX-M9036ZT, KEX-M9036UC, KEX-8036ZT, KEX-8036UC, KEX-M9036ZT, KEX-M9036ESHead Unitservice
KH-2277Home Stereo Systemservice
KH-4433 (Centrex)AM FM Cassette Stereoservice
KH-5151, KH-505 (Centrex)Home Stereo Systemservice
KH-5566, KH-565 (Centrex)AM FM Cassette Stereoservice
KH-767, KH-7766 (Centrex)Home Stereo Systemservice
KH-767, KH-7766 (Centrex)AM FM Cassette Stereoservice
KH-8855, KH-8833, KH-858 (Centrex)Home Stereo Systemservice
KP-1011FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-1500FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-212Cassette Playerservice
KP-250FM Cassette Playerservice
KP-2500FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-272Cassette Playerservice
KP-292Cassette Playerservice
KP-333Cassette Playerservice
KP-333ECassette Car Playerschematic
KP-334Cassette Playerservice
KP-345Cassette Playerservice
KP-3500, KP-3800Radio Cassetteservice
KP-373Cassette Playerservice
KP-4000FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-404G, KP-202GCassette Playerservice
KP-4500FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-4502FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-500 (Super Tuner)FM Cassette Playerservice
KP-5550, KP-5011, KP-4440AM FM Cassetteservice
KP-575Cassette Playerservice
KP-66GCassette Playerservice
KP-707GCassette Playerservice
KP-7500FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-77GCassette Playerservice
KP-8000 (Super Tuner)Radio Cassetteservice
KP-8005 (Super Tuner)FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-8500 (Super Tuner)FM AM Cassetteservice
KP-A150, KP-A100, KP-2100Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KP-A170, KP-4100FM/AM Tunerservice
KP-A200, KP-4600FM/AM Tunerservice
KP-A250, KP-A350Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KP-A300, KP-4700FM/AM Tunerservice
KP-A600, KP-A400Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
KP-A750, KPH-7000Cassette Car Stereoservice
KPH-838Cassette Playerservice
KPH-9000, KPH-9500  (Super Tuner)FM AM Cassetteservice
KPX-600FM Cassette (Supertuner)service
KT-201, KT-301, KT-401Portable Cassetteservice
KT-5100, KT-6100Auto Stereopc board layout
KX-330SW MW FM Receiverschematic
KX-333SW MW FM Receiverschematic
KX-404, KX-333, KX-444, Rond 3000, ES-2000, Prelude 4000Tuner Receiverbulletin
KX-444SW MW FM Receiverschematic
KX-550SW MW FM Receiverschematic
KX-555SW MW FM Receiverschematic
LD-4200Laservision Playerservice
LD-700LaserDisc Playerrepairing guide
LD-707Laservision Playerservice
LD-838DLD Playerservice
LD-870LD Playerservice
LD-S1LD Playerschematic board
LD-V2200LD Playerservice
LX-880LW MW FM Receiverschematic
M-25Power Amplifierservice
M-770Power Amplifierschematic board
M-790Power Amplifierschematic board
M-91, M90aPower Amplifierservice
M-980, M-5000Power Amplifierservice
M-A9Mic Mixerservice
M-AX10Dual Drive Amplifierservice
M-F10Power Amplifierservice
M-IS21Power Amplifierservice
M-IS22Power Amplifierservice
MA-100Multi Mixing Amplifierservice
MA-3Karaoke Mixerservice
MA-62Mixing Amplifierschematic
MCL-3 (Centrex)Speakerservice
MDS-P7000Spectrum Analyzer MD Playerservice
MEH-P5000RII, MEH-P5000, MEH-5050CD Mini Disc Player Tunerservice
MEH-P9000R, MEH-P9000R, MEH-P9050AM FM Mini-Disc Multi-CD Playerservice
MJ-D508Minidisc Recorderservice
MJ-D707, MJ-17DMinidisc Recorderservice
MJ-HX5000, MJ-HX3000, MJ-HX2000, MJ-HX700Mini Disc Recorderservice
Model 300Receiverschematic
MPC-PS30H, MPC-PS30WPowered Speaker Systemservice
MPC-PS500W, MPC-PS500MPowered Speaker Systemservice
MT20, MT30 (Centrex)Record Changerservice
MXA-1AFM MPX Adaptorschematic
MXA-3FM MPX Adaptorschematic
P-D70CD Playerservice
P-DX700CD Playerservice
PAC-K1Karaoke Packschematic board
PAC-PC1Computer Interface Packservice
PAC-S10, CPD-S1 (CLD-A100)Control Pack, Control Padviews parts
PCD-001, PCD-002, PCD-003, PCD-004Portable CD Playerservice
PCD-005, PCD-006, PCD-007, PCD-008Portable CD Playerservice
PCD-009, PCD-010, PCD-011Portable CD Playerservice
PD-203, PD-103CD Playerschematic board
PD-4050, PD-4050-SCD Playerservice
PD-5010Disc Playerowner service
PD-5010CD Playerservice
PD-5030CD Playerservice
PD-59CD Playerschematic board
PD-6010BK, PD-6010CD Playerservice
PD-6010BK, PD-7010CD Playerservice
PD-7010CD Playerservice
PD-7050, PD-7050-SCD Playerschematic board
PD-9010X, PD-570CD Playerchange
PD-AP1File-Type CD Controllerservice
PD-C5CD Playerschematic board
PD-C5CD Playerschematic board
PD-F100, PD-F107File-Type CD Playerschematic board
PD-F1004CD Changerschematic board
PD-F1007, PD-F19File-Type CD Playerservice
PD-F1009File-Type CD Playerservice
PD-F1039File-Type CD Playerservice
PD-F109File-Type CD Playerschematic board
PD-F17, PD-F958, PD-F908File-Type CD Playerservice
PD-F27File-Type CD Playerservice
PD-F605, PD-F505File Type CD Playerschematic board
PD-F606File-Type CD Playerchange
PD-F805File Type CD Playerschematic board
PD-F805, PD-F705, PD-F605, PD-F505File Type CD Playerschematic board
PD-F904File-Type CD Playerschematic
PD-F957, PD-F907, PD-F807CD Changerservice
PD-M411Multi-Play CD Playerowner
PD-M423, PD-M403Multi-Play CD Playerschematic board
PD-M50, PD-M40, PD-M40-SMulti-Play CD Playerservice
PD-M6CD Playerservice
PD-M60Multi-Play CD Playerservice
PD-M601, PD-M551, PD-M501CD Changerservice
PD-M602, PD-M552, PD-M502Multi-Play CD Playerservice
PD-M603Multi-Play CD Playerschematic board
PD-M670CD Playerservice
PD-M700, PD-M600Multi-Play CD Playerservice
PD-M77Multi-Play CD Playerschematic
PD-P840F, PD-F51Multi CD Playerservice
PD-TM1Multi-Play CD Playerservice
PD-TM2Multi-Play CD Playerservice
PD-TM2Multi-Play CD Playerowner
PD-TM3Multi-Play CD Playerservice
PD-V10GTwin Tray CD CDG Playerservice
PD-V310GTwin Tray CD Changerservice
PDA-5003, PDA-5004Video Cardservice
PDC-Q180Cassette CD Playerservice
PDK-50HW3Hand Writing Deviceservice
PDK-FS02, PDK-FS03Floor Standparts info
PDK-FS04Floor Standservice
PDK-TS01, PDK-TS04, PDK-TS07, PDP-S06-LRTable Top Standservice
PDK-TS10Table Top Standservice
PDK-WM01Wall Mountparts info
PDP-424MV, PDP-42MVE1Plasma Displayservice
PDP-42A3HD, PDP-4214HD (this is newer correct manual)Plasma Displayservice
PDP-433CMX, PDP-433MXE, PDP-4300Plasma Displayservice
PDP-434CMX, PDP-43MXE1, PDP-43MXE1-SPlasma TVservice
PDP-434PU, PDP-434PE, PRO-434PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-435PE, PRO-435PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-435PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-436PE, PDP-436PU, PRO-436PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-5004, PDP-4304, PDP-5014, PDP-4314Plasma Displayservice
PDP-503CMX, PDP-503MXE, PDA-5002, PRO-1000HDPlasma Displayservice
PDP-503PE, PDP-503PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-504CMX, PDP-50MXE1, PDP-50MXE1-SPlasma TVservice
PDP-504PU, PDP-504PE, PRO-504PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-5050SX, PDP-4350SXPlasma Display Systemservice
PDP-505CMXPlasma Displaysupplement
PDP-505HDPlasma Displayservice
PDP-505PE, PRO-505PUPlasma TVservice
PDP-505PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-506PE, PDP-506PU, PRO-506PUPlasma Displayservice
PDP-614MX, PRO-1410HDPlasma Displayservice
PDP-R03UMedia Receiverservice
PDP-R04U, PRO-R04UMedia Receiverservice
PDP-R05U, PRO-R05U, PDP-AR05UMedia Receiverservice
PDP-R06U, PRO-R06UMedia Receiverservice
PDP-S05-LRSpeaker Systemservice
PDP-S06-LRSpeaker systemservice
PDP-S08Speaker systemservice
PDP-S12-LR, PDP-S21-LR, PDP-S22-LR, PDP-S23-LR, PDP-S24-LR, PDP-S25-LR, PDP-S26-LRSpeaker Systemservice
PDP-S19-LR, PDP-S20-LR, PDP-S33-LR, PDP-S34-LRSpeakerservice
PDP-S27-LRSpeaker Systemservice
PDP-S35, PDP-S36Speaker Systemservice
PDR-09CD Recorderservice
PDR-509CD Recorderservice
PDR-509, PDR-555RW, PDR-V500, PDR-19RWCD Recorderservice guide
PDR-555RW, PDR-19RWCD Recorderservice
PDR-609CD Recorderservice
PDR-L77CD Recorderservice
PDR-L77CD Recorderowner
PDR-W739CD Recorder Changerservice
PDR-W839CD Recorder Multi-CD Changerservice
PDSP-1, B-PDSP-H, B-PDSP-L, B-PDSP-WDigital Sound Projectorsetup
PDU-50WX2APlasma Displayservice
PDV-LC10Portable DVD Playerservice
PK-3Pocket Cassette Playerservice
PK-R7AW, PK-5AW, PK-3Cassette Recorderservice
PL-10 (KT & KCT)Turntableschematic
PL-10 (NBT), PL-12D (NBT), PL-15C (NB), PL-15D (M)Turntableschematic
PL-10 (PVT), PL-12D (KT, KLT, PVT, PT, P)Turntableschematic
PL-100, PL-100XTurntableservice
PL-111Z, PL-110ZTurntableservice
PL-12D, PL-12ETurntableservice
PL-12E (PV, PVT), PL-12R (PV), PL-15C (PV)Turntableschematic
PL-12S (PVT)Turntableschematic
PL-15C, PL-15DTurntableservice
PL-15D (PV, PVT), PL-50A (PV)Turntableschematic
PL-2, PL-120Turntableservice
PL-200Z, PL-201ZTurntableservice
PL-300, PL-300XTurntableservice
PL-3FStereo Turntableservice
PL-4, PL-320Turntableservice
PL-400, PL-400XTurntableservice
PL-41A, PL-41CTurntableowner
PL-41A, PL-41F, PL-41, PL-30, PL-30F, PL-25, PL-25F, PL-11, PL-11F, PL-11A, PL-11PVTurntableservice
PL-41D, PL-41FVTurntableservice
PL-44FS (need PL-44F)Turntableservice
PL-450, PL-409Turntableowner service
PL-5, PL-420, PL-730Turntableservice
PL-50, PL-50A, PL-50PVTurntableservice
PL-51 (FV), PL-55 (F), PL-55D (F)Turntableschematic
PL-51 (KT)Turntableschematic
PL-51, PL-51A, PL-51KTTurntableservice
PL-510, PL-510S, PL-510ATurntableservice
PL-514, PL-514ATurntableservice
PL-51A (FVT), PL-71 (FVT)Turntableschematic
PL-51A (KT), PL-55DX (F, KUT)Turntableschematic
PL-51A (NB)Turntableschematic
PL-520 (PXM-030 modified motor)Turntableservice
PL-55, PL-55D, PL-55X, PL-55DXTurntableservice
PL-55X (F, KUT), PL-71 (KT)Turntableschematic
PL-570, PXM-049 (DD Motor)Turntableservice
PL-6, PL-620Turntableservice
PL-61 (FU, FVT, KLT)Turntableschematic
PL-660Stereo Turntableservice
PL-7, PL-720, PL-6, PL-620, PL-5, PL-420, PL-4, PL-320, PL-2, PL-120, PL-220Turntablecircuit  mech
PL-7, PL-720, PL-930, PL-220, PL-221Z, PL-220Z, PL-230Turntableservice
PL-750, PL-705Turntableservice
PL-88F, PL-88FSTurntableadjustments
PL-960BK, PL-960Turntableservice
PL-A35, PL-A35DTurntableservice
PL-A35D (PV)Turntableschematic
PL-A45 (PVT, PV), PL-A45D (KT, KCT, PV, PVT, NBT)Turntableschematic
PL-A45, PL-A45DTurntableservice
PL-A505Record Changerservice
PL-L33Stereo Turntableservice
PL-L50, PL-L55Turntableservice
PL-L800, PL-L800STurntableservice
PL-S30, PL-340, PL-210Turntableservice
PL-S40, PL-640Turntableservice
PL-S50, PL-740Turntableservice
PL-S70, PL-940Turntableservice
PL-V70, PL-L90Stereo Turntableservice
PL-X10Z, PL-X11ZTurntableservice
PL-X20Z, PL-X21ZStereo Turntableservice
PL-X300Stereo Turntableservice
Prelude 40004-Channel Stereoschematic
Prelude 4000A4-Channel Stereoschematic
PRO-1000HDIPlasma Displayservice
PRO-1010HD, PRO-810HDPlasma Displayservice
PRO-200, PRO-100 (need PRO-119, PRO-99)TVservice
PRO-700HDProjection Monitor Receiverservice
PRO-720HD, PRO-620HD, PRO-520HDProjection TVadjustment
PRO-720HD, PRO-620HD, PRO-520HDProjection TVservice
PRO-730HD, PRO-630HD, PRO-530HDHDTV Projection Monitorservice
PRO-730HDI, PRO-530HDIHDTV Projectionservice
PRO-800HDIPlasma TVservice
PRS-X340Bridgeable Four-Channel Amplifierservice
QA-800Quadraphonic Amplifierschematic
QA-800AQuadraphonic Amplifierschematic
QC-800Quadraphonic Preamplifierschematic
QC-800AQuadraphonic Preamplifierschematic
QD-210SQ Decoderservice
QD-240SQ Decoderservice
QH-4000FM AM 8-Track 4-Channel Receiverservice
QH-448-Track 4-Channel Deckservice
QH-6664-Channel 8-Track Player Systemservice
QH-666KChannel Cassette Playerschematic
QL-600, QL-600A4-Channel Decoder Amplifierservice
QL-600AQuadralizer Amplifiersevice
QM-800Quadraphonic Power Amplifierschematic
QM-800AQuadraphonic Power Amplifierschematic
QM-800A, QC-800A, QA-800A4-Channel Amp, PreAmp, Ampservice
QP-400FM 8-Track 4-Channel Playerservice
QP-4248-Track 4-Channel Playerservice
QP-4448-Track 4-Channel Tape Playerservice
QP-444E4 Channel Playerschematic
QT-21008-Track Quadraphonic Tape Deckservice
QT-61004-Channel Tape Deckservice
QT-66004-Channel Tape Deckservice
QT-744-Channel Reel to Reelschematic
QT-754-Channel Tape Deckservice
QX-40004-Channel Receiverservice
QX-6464-Channel Receiverservice
QX-7474-Channel Receiverservice
QX-747A4-Channel Receiverservice
QX-80004-Channel Receiverservice
QX-8000A4-Channel Receiverservice
QX-9494-Channel Receiverservice
QX-949A4-Channel Receiverservice
QX-99004-Channel Receiverservice
QX-9900 (serial number 1206701)4-Channel Receivermodification
RDF-1RF Demodulatorservice
RG-1Dynamic Processorservice
RG-2Dynamic Processorservice
RG-60Dynamic Processorservice
RG-60Dynamic Processorservice
RG-9Dynamic Processorservice
RH-2255, TH-2211 (Centrex)8-Track AM FM Turntable Music Systemservice
RH-4411 (Centrex)8-Track AM FM Turntable Music Systemservice
RH-60 (Centrex)8-Track Recording Deckservice
RH-606, RH-6161 (Centrex)8-Track Recording Systemservice
RH-65 (Centrex)8-Track Recording Deckservice
RH-7744 (Centrex)8-Track AM FM Turntable Music Systemservice
RK-113 (Centrex)AM FM Cassetteservice
RK-114 (Centrex)AM FM Cassetteservice
RK-304, RK-305, RK-306AM FM Cassetteservice
RK-356 (Centrex)TV AM FM Cassetteservice
RK-445 (Centrex)CB AM FM Cassetteservice
RK-500AM FM Cassette Recorderservice
RK-550, RK-560FM SW MW Cassetteservice
RK-888AM FM Cassetteservice
Rondo 3000 (Rondo-3000)System Stereoschematic
RS-A50, GM-A5040Bridgeable Power Amplifierschematic board
RS-D2System Control Tuner CDschematic board
RS-K1Optical Digital Tuner Deckschematic board
RS-M1Optical Digital Multi-CD Playerschematic
RS-P1Optical Digital Equalizerschematic
RS-P50Optical Digital Preamp Equalizerschematic
RT-1011LReel to Reelservice
RT-1020HReel to Reelschematic
RT-1020H F & FU versionReel to Reelservice
RT-1020L fReel to Reelschematic
RT-1020L F & FU versionReel to Reelservice
RT-1020L fuReel to Reelschematic
RT-1050Reel to Reelservice
RT-1050Reel to Reelschematic
RT-2022, RT-2044Reel to Reelservice
RT-71Reel to Reelschematic
RT-901Reel to Reelservice
RT-909Reel to Reelservice
RTU-11Tape Transport Unitservice
RX-10Cassette Receiverservice
RX-1310Cassette Deck Receiverschematic
RX-30Cassette Receiverservice
RX-370, RX-570, RX-390, XR-J11M (XRJ11M)Amplifiertroubleshooting
RX-390 (no power, output transistors and or fuse blown)Amplifierservice info
RX-570, RX-570S, RX-370Dual Cassette Deckschematic board
RX-590, RX-390Dual Cassette Receiverschematic board
RX-70Cassette Receiverservice
RX-722, RX-522Cassette Receiverschematic board
RX-750, RX-750S, RX-751, RX-550, RX-551Double Cassette Receiverservice
RX-760S, RX-760, RX-560Dual Cassette Deck Receiverservice
RX-P840Cassette Deck Receiverservice
RX-P840, RX-P470, RX-P470S, RX-J33, RX-J370, M-770Amplifierbulletin
RX-Z15Double Cassette Receiverservice
RXM-006Cassette Motorusage
S-50, S-550, S-770Console Stereoschematic
S-5100Stereo Systemschematic
S-5PG, S-5PC, S-7MB, S-7MS, S-33X, S-200X, S-500X, S-510, S-700X, S-710, S-910, S-1010, S-T5, S-X7 S-X21Loudspeakerservice
S-A370-AJI S-A370-E, S-A370-XJI, S-A370-UC,S-A670-XJI, S-A670-E, S-A670-XJI, S-A670-UCSpeaker Systemservice
S-A3800, S-F10-LRW, S-MT3W, S-MT3H, S-MT3, S-MT3-N, S-C709, S-DV55ST-KSpeakerservice
S-A770V, CS-G405-K, CS-G405-Q, SL-L55-K-LRC, S-A35LRC, HTP102-SW, S-A330, HTP702-FSpeakerservice
S-A9LRCSpeaker systemservice
S-CR4000-K, S-CR4000-Q, CS-V330, S-W505Speakerservice
S-DS1-H, S-DW1-K, TZ-SW05, S-FCR200-KLoudspeakerservice
S-DV55SW-K, S-DV55SW-QPowered Speaker Systemservice
S-DV77, S-DV77SW, S-DV77STSpeaker Systemservice
S-FL1Flat Panel Speakerservice
S-HF11C, S-HF21C, S-HF31C, S-HF41CSpeaker Systemservice
S-IS21VSpeaker systemservice
S-J11, S-P340A, S-P840ASpeakerservice
S-L9-A-LRWSpeaker systemservice
S-P170, S-H151B-K, S-H351F-K, S-DF1-K, S-DF2-K, S-DF3-K, S-DC1-KLoudspeakerservice
S-Q180-LRW, S-Q180-LR, S-Q180-WSpeaker Systemservice
S-W20Powered Subwooferservice
S-W700Speaker Systemservice
SA-055Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-1000Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-1060Stereo Amplifierservice
SA-400Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-410Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-420Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-500Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-500AIntegrated Amplifierservice
SA-510Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-520Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-5200Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-530Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-540Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-5500 IIIntegrated Amplifierowner service
SA-5800, SA-508Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-600Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-610Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-620Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-6200Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-6500 IIIntegrated Amplifierservice
SA-6800, SA-608Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-700Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-710Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-7100Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-720Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-730Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-7500Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-7500 IIIntegrated Amplifierservice
SA-760Stereo Amplifierservice
SA-7800Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-800Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-810Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-8100Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-8100Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-8500Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-8500 IIIntegrated Amplifierservice
SA-900Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-9100Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-930Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-9500Integrated Amplifierschematic
SA-9500 IIIntegrated Amplifierservice
SA-960Stereo Amplifierservice
SA-9800Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-9900Integrated Amplifierservice
SA-K50Mixing Amplifierservice
SA-V1160Stereo Amplifierservice
SA-V210Mixing Amplifierservice
SA-V70AV Control Amplifierservice
SD-10004-Channel oscilloscopeschematic
SD-533HD5, SD-643HD5HDTV Projection TVservice
SD-E5Video Enhancer Color Controller Packservice
SD-P4053-KProjection Monitor Receiverservice
SD-P4075-K, SD-P4073-K, SD-P4575-K, SD-P4573-K, SD-P5575-K, PRO-97TVservice
SD-P5075-K, SD-P5073-K, SD-P4575-K, SD-P4573-K, SD-P5575-K, PRO-97TVservice
SD-P50A3-K, SD-P55A3-KProjection TVschematic
SD-P6091-K, SD-P6093-K (see SD-P5191-K)Projection Monitor Receiverchange
SD-P62A5-KProjection Monitorchange
SDV-P7DVD Playerservice
SDV-P96-Disc Multi-DVD Playerservice
SE-IR550CCordless Headphoneservice
SF-500Electronic Crossoverschematic
SF-700Electronic Crossoverowner service
SF-850Electronic Crossoverservice
SG-05Graphic Equalizerservice
SG-540, SG-505Equalizerservice
SG-60Graphic Equalizerservice
SG-750Graphic Equalizerservice
SG-90Graphic Equalizerservice
SG-X700Graphic Equalizerservice
SH-AC500DSurround Processorservice
SH-D07Digital TV Tunerservice
SK-100, SK-110, SK-111FRadio Cassette Recorderservice
SK-101FRadio Cassette Recorderservice
SK-200, SK-210Radio Cassette Recorderservice
SK-350, SK-300Radio Cassette Recorderservice
SK-650Radio Cassette Recorderservice
SM-100Power Amplifierschematic
SM-3000Power Amplifierschematic
SM-700Power Amplifierschematic
SM-83, SM-500Amplifierschematic
SM-G204, SM-G204BReceiverschematic
SM-Q300, SM-Q300A, SM-Q300BReceiverschematic
SMT-84Integrated Amplifierschematic
SP-99DDolby, AC-3, Pro Logic Processorservice
SPEC-2Power Amplifierservice
SPEC-4Power Amplifierservice
SR-101Reverberation Amplifierschematic
SR-202Reverberation Amplifierschematic
SR-202WReverberation Amplifierschematic
SR-303Reverberation Amplifierservice
SR-60Reverberation Amplifierservice
STP-1Head Amplifierschematic
STP-1SHead Amplifierschematic
STP-2Head Amplifierschematic
SX-1100Receiverschematic board
SX-1600Receiverschematic board
SX-2300, SX-1300Receiverservice
SX-300D SX-300W,  KX-303Tuner Receiverbulletin
SX-303R, SX-253R, SX-203Receiverschematic board
SX-311R, SX-301, SX-251R, SX-201Receiverservice
SX-34B, SX-34BsReceiverschematic
SX-3500, SX-620Receiverservice
SX-3600, SX-720Receiverservice
SX-3700, SX-820Receiverservice
SX-40 (earlier tubed version)Receiverschematic
SX-60, SX-50, SX-40Receivercircuit description
SX-60, SX-50, SX-40Receiverservice
SX-7, SX-6, SX-5, SX-5L, SX-4, SX-4LReceiverschematic
SX-780AV Receiverservice
SX-8Integrated Amplifierservice
SX-J320, SX-J420, SX-J520, SX-J720Amplifierbulletin
SX-Q180Tuner Amplifierservice
SX-V200Stereo Receiverservice
SX-V300Stereo Recieverservice
SX-V400AV Receiverservice
SX-V500AV Receiverservice
SX-V90, SX-V80, SX-V900AV Receiverservice
T-33004-Channel Tape Deckschematic
T-3300FCassette Decktroubleshooting
T-35004-Channel Tape Deckschematic
T-3500Cassette Deckbulletin
T-500Reel to Reelschematic
T-600Reel to Reelowner schematic
T-600Reel to Reelschematic
T-61004-Channel Tape Deckschematic
T-6600Reel to Reelservice
T-88004-Channel Tape Deckschematic
T-C3Cassette Deckservice
TAU-J1, TAU-11Reel to Reel Amp Unitservice
TH-308-Track Playerservice
TH-303, TH-31318-Track Music Systemservice
TP-2008-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-20E, TP-20E-01, TP-20E-02Cassette Car Playerschematic
TP-2228-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-222E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-232, TP-2338-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-2528-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-32ECassette Car Playerschematic
TP-41E4 Channel Playerschematic
TP-6000AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-6000, TP-6000G8 Track Playerschematic
TP-6000E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-6001AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-6006, TP-7007AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoschematic parts
TP-60E4/8 Track Playerschematic
TP-61E4/8 Track Playerschematic
TP-700FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-7000AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-7005, TP-9005 (Super Tuner)AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-700E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-7278-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-72E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-73E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-7778-Track Auto Stereoowner
TP-777E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-800FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-8000AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoowner
TP-8000E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-8001AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-81E8 Track Playerschematic
TP-828FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-900 (Super Tuner)FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-900 (Super Tuner)FM 8-Track Playerservice
TP-9004, TP-7006, TP-9006 (Super Tuner)AM FM 8-Track Auto Stereoservice
TP-90E, TP-90E-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-A86E, TP-A86E-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-F20ECassette Car Playerschematic
TP-F85E, TP-F85E SABS, TP-F85E SABS-01, TP-F85E SABS-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-F87E, TP-F87ES8 Track Playerschematic
TP-F90E, TP-F90E-02, TP-F90ES, TP-F90ES-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-FA86E, TP-FA86E-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-FA86ES, TP-FA86ES-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-FS86ES, TP-FS86ES-028 Track Playerschematic
TP-LA86E, TP-LA86E-028 Track Playerschematic
TS-WX100BPAWoofer Systemservice
TS-WX50Enclosure Type Subwooferservice
TS-WX60, TS-WX30Enclosure Type Subwooferservice
TVX-9500TV Sound Tunerservice
TX-05L, TX-05Tunerservice
TX-100ZL, TX-101ZLTunerservice
TX-220ZL, TX-221ZL, TX-220Z, TX-221ZFM/AM Tunerservice
TX-540, TX-940, F-70Tunerservice
TX-5300Stereo Tunerschematic
TX-5500 IITunerservice
TX-5500 IITunerservice
TX-6500 IITunerservice
TX-6700, TX-606Tunerservice
TX-6800, TX-608Tunerservice
TX-720, TX-720LTunercircuit description
TX-8500 IITunerservice
TX-900Tunerowner service
TX-905 (need TX-950)Tunerchange
TX-9500, TX-9500 IITunerservice
TX-960(BK), TX-960L(BK), TX-960LFM/AM Digital Synth Tunerservice
TX-V1160, FT-V70Tunerservice
TX-X5Auto Speakerservice
TZ-C700, TZ-F700, S-MR7, S-A6700, S-A5700, S-A9700V, S-IS21Speakerservice
UD-N1RSPassive Crossoverservice
UKE-7100, UKE-3100Cassette AM/FM Tunerservice
UKP-5200, UKP-5210, UKP-5600AM FM Cassetteservice
UKP-5600, UKP-7600AM FM Cassettesupplement
UKP-7200, UKP-7210, UKP-7600, UKP-5200, UKP-5210, UKP-5600, UKP-4200, UKP-2200Cassette Mechanismsevice
UKP-7210, UKP-7600AM FM Cassetteservice
UPX-9600, UPX-8600AM FM Cassetteservice
VP-1000LD Playerservice
VS-60Video Selectorservice
VSA-30Video Amplifierservice
VSX-04AV Receiverchange
VSX-05AV Receiverchange
VSX-108Multi-Channel Receiverservice
VSX-11AV Receiverschematic
VSX-21AV Receiverchange
VSX-29TX, VSX-27TX, VSX-26TX, VSX-24TX, VSX-D908SAV Receiverservice
VSX-3000AV Receiverschematic board
VSX-35TX, VSX-33TXAV Multi-Channel Receiverservice
VSX-4500S, VSX-4400AV Receiverservice
VSX-453, VSX-403AV Receiverschematic board
VSX-455, VSX-465SAV Receiversupplement
VSX-4900S, VSX-4800, VSX-51, VSX-4950S, VSX-451AV Receiverservice
VSX-49TX, VSX-47TXAV Receiverservice
VSX-501, VSX-511S, VSX-52AV Receiverservice
VSX-504S, VSX-454AV Receiverschematic board
VSX-5300, VSX-5300SAV Receiverservice
VSX-53TX EliteAV Receiverowner
VSX-59, VSX-49AV Receiverschematic board
VSX-604SAV Receiverschematic board
VSX-605S, VSX-505SAV Receiverschematic board
VSX-859RDS, VSX-859RDS-G, VSX-839RDSAV Receiverowner
VSX-95, VSX-9900SAV Receiverservice
VSX-9500S, VSX-7500S, VSX-9700SAV Receiverservice
VSX-C300AV Receiverservice
VSX-D1SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D209Multi-Channel Receiverservice
VSX-D307AV Receiverservice
VSX-D503SAV Receiverschematic board
VSX-D506S, VSX-456, VSX-D466SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D507SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D508 VSX-D498AV Receiverservice
VSX-D606SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D607SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D702S, VSX-D602SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D704S, VSX-79AV Receiverschematic board
VSX-D705SAV Receiverschematic board
VSX-D810S, VSX-D850SAV Receiverservice
VSX-D906S, VSX-07TX, VSX-09TXAV Receiverservice
VSX-D912-K, VSX-D812-K, VSX-D812-SAV Multi-Channel Receiverservice
VX-50Beta VCRservice
VX-90Beta VCRservice
VZ-100TV Sound Decoderservice
X-100A, X-103SMCassette Mechanism Unitservice
X-HX5000, X-HX3000, X-HX2000CD Receiverservice
X-P250C, XR-P2500CDual Cassette CD Receiverschematic board
X-Q180 (SX-Q180, PDC-Q180, S-Q180LRW)Compact Mini-Componentservice
XC-F10CD Tunerservice
XC-IS21MDCD MD Tunerservice
XC-IS21TCD Tunerservice
XC-IS22CDCD Tuner Deckservice
XC-L7CD Receiverservice
XC-L77CD Receiverservice
XR-A200CD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-A3800CD Cassette Deck Receiverservice
XR-A550MDCompact Mini Componentservice
XR-A670, XR-A370CD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-A670GR, XR-A370GRCD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-A800, XR-A700File-Type CD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-A9700DV, XR-VS100DDVD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-A9800DDVD Cassette Deck Receiverservice
XR-J22M, XR-J11M, XR-J22, XR-J11CD Deck Receiverservice
XR-J25M, XR-J22M, XR-J22, XR-J15M, XR-J11M, XR-J11Amplifierbulletin
XR-MR7CD/CDR Receiverservice
XR-MT3 (X-MT2000)CD Receiverservice
XR-P260FFile-Type CD Playerschematic board
XR-P270CCD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-P270C, XR-P170CCD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-P310CD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-P340MAM FM Cassette Multi-CDschematic board
XR-P5500M, XR-P4500MAM FM CD Cassetteservice
XR-P740M, XR-P740, XR-P640M, XR-P640, XR-P440M, XR-P440, XR-P349M, XR-P340Amplifierbulletin
XR-P760F, XR-P560FFile-Type CD Cassette Receiverservice
XR-P970FCD Cassette Receiverservice
XV-DV1000, S-DV1000SW, S-DV1000STDVD CD Tuner, Subwoofer, Speakersowner
XV-DV55 (S-DV55SW-K, S-DV55ST-K)DVD Tunerservice
XV-DV88, SV-DV77DVD CD Tunerservice
XV-HTD510, XV-HTD510-BDVD Receiverservice
XV-IS22DVD, M-IS22V, S-IS22vDVD Tuner Deck, Power Amp, Speakerowner
XW-HT1Wireless Speaker Systemservice
YPM-2036, KEH-1060,KEH-1080,KEH-1030CD, Cassette Car Stereoservice

4000 (Prelude) 4-Channel Stereo Schematic & Boards layout

7803S & 7803ES FM AM CD Receiver Service manual

A-717 Stereo Amplifier Service Manual supplement (circuit diagram & board layout)

AVM-P7000R & AVM-P7000 Audio Visual Master Unit Service manual

AVX-P7000CD & AVX-7000 AV System Display CD player Service manual

C-4500 Compact Stereo Schematic & Boards layout

C-4600 Compact Stereo Schematic & Boards layout

CDS-P5000 Spectrum Analyzer CD Player service manual

CDX-FM121 Universal Multi-CD System Service Manual

CDX-FM633S Universal Multi-CD System Service Manual(see CX-652 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-FM653 Universal Multi-CD System Service Manual(see CX-892 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-FM657 Universal Multi-CD System Service Manual(see CX-892 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-FM1239S & CDX-FM1237S Universal Multi-CD System Service manual

CDX-FM1235S Universal Multi-CD System Service manual

CDX-FM1259 & CDX-FM1257 Universal Multi-CD System Service manual (see CX-938 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P25 Multi-CD Player NO manual (see CX-892 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P630S & CDX-P24S Multi-CD Player service manual

CDX-P636S & CDX-P630S Multi-CD Player service manual (use CX-652 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P650 Multi-CD Player service manual (see CX-892 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P656 & CDX-P25 Multi-CD Player service manual(see CX-892 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P1230S Multi-CD player Service manual (see CX-653 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P1250 Multi-CD player Service manual (see CX-938 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CDX-P5000 50-disc multi-CD Player Service manual

CDX-PD6 Multi-CD player NO manual (see CX-890 for CD Mechanism module manual)

CLD-1080 CD CDV LD player service manual (with adjustments for CLD players manual)

CT-50R Stereo Cassette Deck service manual

CT-1150R Stereo Cassette Deck service change (use with CT-50R service manual)

CT-5151 Cassette Tape Deck Schematic, Board layouts & Service manual

CT-M6R Multi-Cassette Changer service manual

CT-W616DR & CT-W606DRStereo Double Cassette Deck Service manual

CT-W802R, CT-W820R & CT-W720R Stereo Double Cassette Deck Service manual

CX-770S & CX-70 Stereo Tuner Control Amplifier service manual (chapter 2 only)

CX-890 CD Mechanism Module service manual (model CDX-PD6)

CX-892 CD Mechanism Module service manual (models CDX-P650, CDX-P656, CDX-P25, CDX-FM657 & CDX-FM653)

CX-916 CD Mechanism Module service manual (models DEH-P400, DEH-P4000, DEH-P4050, DEH-P3000R, DEH-P200, DEH-P300, DEH-P3000, DEH-P20, DEH-P2000, DEH-P2050, DEH2000R, DEH-2020R, DEH-2030R, DEH-10, DEH-1000 & DEH-1050)

CX-938 CD Mechanism Module service manual (models CDX-P1250, CDX-FM1259 & CDX-FM1257)

DEH-36, DEH-345, DEH-43 & DEH-31 CD Player with FM/AM tuner Service manual

DEH-48, DEH-435, DEH-43 & DEH-235 CD Player with FM/AM tuner Service manual

DEH-59DH & DEH-45DH CD Player with FM/AM Tuner Service Manual

DEH-68, DEH-635, DEH-58, DEH-535 & DEH-53 CD Player with tuner Service manual

DEH-245 CD Player with FM AM Tuner service manual

DEH-1000, DEH-10 & DEH-1050 CD Player with FM AM Tuner service manual (see CX-916 for CE Mechanism manual)

DEH-P300, DEH-P3000 & DEH-P200 Multi-CD Player with FM AM Tuner service manual (see CX-916 for CD Mechanism manual)

DEH-P400, DEH-P4000 & DEH-P4050 Multi-CD Player with FM AM Tuner service manual (see CX-916 for CD Mechanism manual)

DEH-P600, DEH-P6000 & DEH-P6050 Multi-CD Player with FM AM Tuner service manual

DEH-P700R, DEH-P7000R & DEH-P7050 Multi-CD Player with tuner Service manual

DEH-P815 Multi-CD Player with tuner Service manual

DEH-P835R & DEH-P735 Multi-CD Player with tuner Service manual

DEH-P2000, DEH-P20 & DEH-P2050 Multi-CD Player with AM FM Tuner service manual (see CX-916 for CD Mechanism manual)

DEH-P6200 Multi-CD Player with AM FM Tuner service manual

DJM-300-S DJ Mixer service manual

DV-AX10 DVD Player Operating Instructions

DV-C36 DVD Player service manual

DV-C503 DVD Player service manual

E-1000A Compact Stereo Schematic & Board layouts

EQ-7000 Graphic Equalizer Service manual (chapter 2 includes board layouts and schematic) (pdf)

ES-2000 Compact Stereo Schematic & Board layouts

FD-3 System Stereo Schematic & Board layouts

GM-212 & GM-202-02 Bridgeable Power Amplifier service manual

GM-232 Bridgeable Power Amplifier service manual

GM-600 & GM-620 Power Amplifier (auto) Service manual

GM-X402-02 & GM-X312 Bridgeable four-channel power amplifier service manual

GM-X404-02 & GM-X314 Bridgeable four-channel power amplifier service manual

GM-X434 & GM-X334 Bridgeable four-channel power amplifier service manual

GM-X432 & GM-X332 Bridgeable power amplifier service manual

GR-408 Graphic Equalizer service manual

HTP-702-SW, HTP-202-SW & HTP-302-SW Powered Subwoofer service manual

KEH-3500, KEH-2500 & KEH-480 FM AM Cassette Car Stereo Service manual

KEH-P780 & KEH-P7800 Multi-CD Cassette Player with FM AM Tuner service manual

KEH-P2800 & KEH-P3850 Multi-CD Control Cassette Player with AM FM Tuner service manual

KEH-P3700 & KEH-P3750 Multi-CD Control Cassette Player with AM FM Tuner service manual

MJ-L5 Minidisc Recorder & SP-L5 Surround Processor service manual

PD-F607, PD-F507 & PD-F407 File-type CD player Service manual

PD-M526 Multi CD Player service manual

PD-M435, PD-M431 & PD-M430 Multi-Play CD Player Operating Instructions

PD-M500 & PD-M400 Multi-Play CD player service manual

PD-M550, PD-M455, PD-M453 & PD-M450 Multi-Play CD Player service manual

PD-M601, PD-M551 & PD-M501 Multi-Play CD Player Operating Instructions

PD-M703 Multi-Play CD Player Service Manual

PD-P840F & PD-F51 File Type CD Player service manual

PDK-TS10 Table Top Stand service manual

PDK-TS19 Table Top Stand service manual

PDP-505CMX Plasma Display (use with PDP-504CMX service manual)

PDP-S28-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S30-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S31-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S32-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S42-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S43-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S44-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S48-LR Speaker System service manual

PDP-S49-LR Speaker System service manual

PDR-04 CD Recorder service manual

PL-600 & PL-600X Stereo Turntable service manual

QA-800A Quadraphonic Amplifier Schematic & Boards layout

QC-800A Quadraphonic Preamplifier Schematic & Boards layout

QD-210 CD-4 Demodulator Schematic & Boards layout

QD-240 CD-4 Demodulator Schematic & Boards layout

QL-800A Quadralizer Amplifier Schematic & Boards layout

QM-800A Quadraphonic Power Amplifier Schematic & Boards layout

QT-74 4-Channel Reel to Reel Tape Deck Schematic & Board layouts

QX-949 AM FM 4-Channel Receiver (FUW 1973), (F & KCU 1975) service manual

Rondo-3000 System Stereo Schematic & Boards layout

RS-A1 & RS-A2 Optical Digital Reference System Service manual

RS-C100 System Commander Service manual

RT-71 Stereo Reel to Reel Tape Deck Schematic & Board layouts

RT-701 Reel to Reel Service manual & Information Sheet (modifications for various serial numbers)

RT-707 Tape Deck Operating Instructions

RT-707 Tape Deck Service Manual

RX-730 & RX-730S Double Deck Receiver Service Manual

RX-570, RX-570S & RX-370 Stereo Double Cassette Deck Receiver service manual (two parts)

SA-5200 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Schematic, Board layouts & Service manual

SA-6200 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Schematic and Board layouts

SA-7100 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Schematic, Board layouts & Service manual

SA-9100 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Schematic, Board layouts & Service manual

SC-3000 Stereo Preamplifier Schematic & Board layouts

SD-1100 Stereo Display (oscilloscope) Schematic & Boards layout

SF-850 Electronic Crossover Network Schematic & Boards layout

SM-3000 Stereo Preamplifier Schematic & Board layouts

SX-9 Computer Controlled Stereo Receiver service manual

SX-750 AM FM Stereo Receiver service manual

SX-990 AM FM Stereo Receiver Installation, Operating & Service manual

SX-9000 AM FM Stereo Receiver service manual & bulletins

TS-WX65A Surface-Mount Tune-Up Woofer System service manual

VSX-29TX, VSX-27TX, VSX-26TX, VSX-24TX & VSX-D908S Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service manual

VSX-55TXi receiver partial block diagram

VSX-405 & VSX-305 Audio Video Receiver Service manual

VSX-4500S & VSX-4400 Audio Video Stereo Receiver service manual

VSX-9300S, VSX-7300S & VSX-7300 Audio Video Stereo Receiver service manual

VSX-D2S & VSX-97 Audio Video Receiver Service manual

VSX-D308 Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service change (use VSX-D307 service manual)

VSX-D407 Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service supplement (see VSX-D307 service manual)

VSX-D409 & VSX-D309 Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service manual

VSX-D458 Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service manual

VSX-D509S Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service manual

VSX-D608S Audio Video Multi-Channel Receiver service manual

VSX-D903S, VSX-53, VSX-D703S & VSX-D603S Audio Video Stereo Receiver service manual

X-P30 (SX-P30 Receiver, PDC-P30C Cassette deck & Multi CD, S-P30 Speaker System) Service manual

X-P50C & XR-P1500C CD Cassette deck receiver Service manual

XR-A660 & XR-A330 Stereo CD Cassette deck receiver Service manual

XR-A880 & XR-A770 Stereo CD Cassette deck receiver Service manual

XR-P170C Stereo CD Cassette Deck Receiver service manual

XR-P240C Stereo Double Deck CD receiver Service manual

XR-P970F & XR-P770F Stereo File-Type CD Cassette Deck receiver Service manual

I have a little problem with the following items. Seems the Great-God-of-Misfiling visited me one night and put these elsewhen. I'm still looking for them, please ask for them and hopefully we'll have found them in the meantime..
Thanks, John

LD-V4400 LD Player Service information (communication with pc problems)

CLD-A100 LD Player (modifications to chassis, etc.)

CLD-E2000 LD Player Barcode Reader commands (applies to all with barcode readers)

CLD-V121G CD CDV LD Player service manual

CLD-V710 (use with CLD-1580K & CLD-1580S manual) CD CDV LD Player changes

LC-V100 LD Player Service bulletin (Noisy analog sound)

LD-V4400 LD Player Service information (communication with pc problems)

PDK-TS20 Table Top Stand manual

PDP-S47 Speaker Service manual

PDP-436PE, PDP-436PG & PRO-436PU Plasma display Service manual (use with PDP-436PE/WYVI)

PDP-6100HD Plasma display Service manual (use full manual PDP-614MX/LUC)

S-GX3V Speaker System Service manual