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OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media

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Model #Descriptiontype


Model #Descriptiontype
13A201, 13A202, 13A203, 13A204 chassisTVservice
13A4 chassisTVservice
13L4, 19.4, 20L4, 19L1, 20L1 ChassisTVservice
13L4, 19L4, 20L4, 19L1, 20L1TVservice
1436LEGY01SVGA Monitorservice
1557ASBE01Computer Monitorservice
1762DTBE01Computer Monitorservice
19C206 chassisTVsupplement
19C6, 20C6 chassisTVservice
19C8, 20C8 chassisTVservice
19C8, 20C8 chassisTVsupplement
19E1, 19E4TVservice
20F1 chassisTVservice
25B1, 26B1 chassisTVservice
25B1, 26B1 chassisTVservice
25C5 chassisTVservice
25C6, 26C6, 27C6 chassisTVservice
25C8 (chassis), 26C8 (chassis)TVservice
25G1, 26G1, 27G1 chassisTVservice
25G1, 26G1, 27G1(chassis)TVservice
26C9, 27C9TVservice
AF677, 22AF677/44Turntableservice
AF685, 22AF685/44 (B verson recalled 1979 then modification issued)Turntableservice
AF729, 22AF729/44BTurntableservice
AF829, 22AF829/44Turntableservice
AF867, 22AF868-44Turntableservice
AF887, 22AF887/44, 22AF877/44BTurntableservice
AF977, AF977-44Turntableservice
AH080, 22AH080-44Programmable Timerservice
AH180, 22AH180-44Digital Tunerservice
AH185, 22AH185-44Tunerservice
AH280, 22AH280-44Preamplifierservice
AH380, 22AH380-44Power Amplifierservice
AH384, 22AH384-44Integrated Amplifierservice
AH386, AH3861, 22AH386-44, 22AH3861-44Integrated Amplifierservice
AH388, AH3881, 22AH388-44, 22AH3881-44Integrated Amplifierservice
AH475, AH476, AH477, Loudspeakerservice
22AH572-44, AH5721Pre-Amplifierservice
AH578, AH5781, 22AH578-44Power Amplifierservice
AH784, 22AH784-44, AH7841, AH7800Receiverservice
AH785, 22AH785-44Receiverservice
AH785, 22AH785-44, AH7851Receiverservice
AH786, 22AH786-44, AH7861Receiverservice
AH787, 22AH787-44, AH7871Receiverservice
AH7941, 22HA794-44Receiverservice
AH7951, 22AH795-44Receiverservice
AH7961, 22AH796-44Receiverservice
AH797, AH 797, AH7971-44, AH 7971-44Receiverservice
AZ8590CD AM FM Dual Cassetteservice
C6 chassisTVwall chart
C8 chassisTVtraining manual
CCK310AV01, CPK86AV01, CCK321AV01Camcorderservice
CCZ134AT01, CCZ194AT31, CCZ196AT31TV VCRservice
CD40XX, 75CD40/06bCD Playerservice
CD303 (CD-303)CD Playerservice
CD480, CD482CD Playerservice
CD840, CD840XBK01CD Playerservice
CD880XBK01, CD880CD Playerservice
CDC925, CDC935Multi-CD Playerservice
CDV487BK01CD Video Playerservice
CDV488BK01CD Video Playerservice
CG3920CH01AM FM TV Clock Radioservice
CR6503AT01, CR6603AT01VCRservice
CR6593AT01, CR6693AT01VCRsupplement
CR6593AT01, CR6693AT01VCRservice
CVS610AV01, CVS620AV01, V80136BK01VHS-C Camcorderservice
D1, 27D1, 31D1 chassisTVservice
D7, 27D7, 32D7, 36D7 chassisTVservice
EL3541, 200, ContinentalReel to Reelservice
FA50XXBK01 (FA50)Integrated Amplifierservice
FC40, FC40XXBK01Cassette Deckservice
FC50, FC50XXBK01Cassette Deckservice
FC515, FC515XXBK01Dual Cassette Deckservice
FC60, FC60XXBK01Cassette Deckservice
FR880MK2 (FR880 Mk II)AV Receiverschematic board
FW570CMini Systemservice
F6X18A, F6X98AConsole Radioservice
G-Chassis Mechanism Adjustment Procedures 1989 Table Products, manual 5745VCRservice
GA202 Mk IITurntableservice
GA407, 22GA407Turntableservice
GC012, GA212Turntableowner
GC047, 22GC047, GA147, 22GA147Record Playerservice
N2535-44, N2535-54Cassette Deckservice
N4450Reel to Reelowner
N4504-44Reel to Reelservice
N4506-44Reel to Reelservice
N5171-44Cassette Deckservice
N5371Cassette Deckservice
N5391, N5391-44Cassette Deckservice
N5631-44Cassette Deckservice
N5781, N5788Cassette Deckservice
PCR205AT02TV VCRservice
R1, 20R1, 27R1, 31R1 chassisTVservice
RD0945C101, RD0946T101TVservice
RD0945C101, RD0946T101TVservice
RH532Motion Feedback Loudspeakerservice
RH541, 22RH541-44Motion Feedback Loudspeakerservice
RH544Motion Feedback Loudspeakerservice
RH545, 22RH545Motion Feedback Loudspeakerservice
RH591, 22RH591Integrated Amplifierservice
SJ2932, SJ2931, SJ2930Loudspeakerservice
TN521ZVW-163, TN521ZSW-164Dual Cassette Mechanismservice
U1, 27U1, 31U1 chassisTVservice
VC8040, VP7400LD Playersevice
VCT445AT01, VCT425AT01VCRservice
VPH733TS01VCRBlock Diagrams
VR6405AT01, VR6605AT01VCRservice
VR6415AT01, VR6615AT01VCRservice
VR6595AT01, VR6695AT01VCRservice
VRX222AT21, VRX242AT21, VRX262AT21VCRservice
X1, 20X1, 25X1, 26X1, 27X1, 31X1, 31X3, 35X1 chassisTVservice
Y1, Y4 chassisTVservice

1501 Norelco Auto radio Service Manual

2602 Norelco Stereo Cassette Service Manual

22GC060 turntable Service Manual

22GF446 Stereo Amplifier & turntable Service Manual

22GF560 Stereo Amplifier & turntable Service Manual

22GH925 Stereo Amplifier Production modifications

AG2101D Auto Record Player service Data

AG4026 (Mercury) Phonograph Service Manual

CDI220-40, CDI220-41, CDI220-45 & CDI220-57 Interactive CD Player Service manual

CDI220-60, CDI220-61, CDI220-67 & CDI220-77 Interactive CD Player Service manual

CDI220-80, CDI220-85 & CDI220-97 Interactive CD Player Service manual

FW339C & FW338C Philips Modular Audio System Service manual

L1W32T Philips Portable Radio Service manual