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OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media

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Model #Descriptiontype
5C50PreamplifierRF Interference
5K50Cassette Deckalignment
5M21, 5M20Power Amplifierservice
A-007Digital Direct Amplifierservice
CL35 IIIPreamplifierservice
D-007CD Playerservice
D-105UCD Playerservice
D-321CD Playerservice
D-351CD Playerservice
DC-113CD Changerservice
DC-114CD Changerservice
DZ-112CD Playerservice
DZ-122, DZ-121CD Playerservice
F-114Surround Processor Amplifierservice
GX-101Graphic Equalizerservice
K-007Dual Cassette Deckservice
K-100Cassette Deckservice
K-105, K-405Cassette Deckservice
K-110WCassette Deckservice
K-112Cassette Deckservice
K-113Cassette Deckservice
K-117Cassette Deckservice
K-118Cassette Deckservice
K-210Cassette Deckservice
K-220Cassette Deckservice
K-240Cassette Deckservice
K-351Cassette Deckservice
K-406, K-106Cassette Deckservice
KX-100Cassette Deckservice
KX-101Cassette Deckservice
KX-102Cassette Deckservice
L-100Integrated Amplifierservice
L-210Integrated Amplifierservice
L-400Integrated Amplifierservice
L-450 (L450)Integrated Amplifierservice
L-480Integrated Amplifierservice
L-507 (appears to need additional pages)Integrated Ampliferschematic
L-580 (L580)Integrated Amplifierservice
L-85VIntegrated Amplifierservice
LV-100, LV-90Integrated Amplifierservice
LV-101Integrated Amplifierservice
LV-102Integrated Amplifierservice
LV-103Integrated Amplifierservice
LV-105Integrated Amplifierservice
LV-105UIntegrated Amplifierservice
LV-109Integrated Amplifierservice
LV-113Integrated Amplifierservice
M-117 (after SN 81210651)Integrated Amplifierservice
MX-100Power Amplifierservice
P-406, P-102Turntableservice
PD-441, PD-444 (modification for unstable speed)Turntablebulletin
PD288 (PD-288), PD289 (PD-289)Turntableservice
PD290 (PD-290), PX99 (PX-99)Turntableservice
PD291 (PD-291), PX100 (PX-100)Turntableservice
R-1030E, R-1035Receiverservice
R-3045, R-3055Receiverservice
R-404 (need serial number)Receiverservice
RX-101, RX-102Receiverservice
T-100L, T-100Tunerservice
T-102L, T-102Tunerservice
T-240, T-240LTunerservice
T-407TV Tuner Video Control Centerservice
T-450, T40A (T450, T40A)Tunerservice
TP-117Tuner Preamplifierservice
U-100System Remote Control Centerservice

5E24 Power Level Meter Service Manual

5K50 Cassette Deck Alignment Procedure and Board Layouts

5T50 FM Tuner Service Manual & Scanning modification

C-1000 Preamp Service Manual (pdf)

D-105 & D-405 CD Player Service manual

K-12 Cassette Deck Alignment procedure

L-3 Integrated Amplifier Service Manual

L-5 Integrated Amplifier Service Manual (pdf)

L-80 & L-80V Integrated Amplifier Service Manual

L-309 Integrated Amplifier Schematic

L-430 Duo-Beta Circuit Stereo Integrated Amplifier service manual

LE-109 Stereo Phono Amplifier Service Manual

LV-117 Stereo Integrated Amplifier service manual

M-1500 Power Amplifier Service Manual

M-2000 Power Amplifier Service Manual

M-4000 Power Amplifier Service Manual

P-007 Fully Automatic Turntable System

P-405 & P-100 Fully Automatic Belt Drive Turntable Service manual

PB-1054 Tuner Replacement Parts List

PB-1093 & PB-1094 Tuner Replacement Parts List & Alignment instructions

PD-121 & PD-131 Turntable Service Manual

PD-121U & PD-121X Turntable Schematic

PD-131U & PD-131X Turntable Schematic

PD-264 Turntable Tone arm modification & Hum modification

R-117 Stereo Receiver Service Manual

R-1040 Receiver Service Manual & Low Impedance load modification

R-1050 Receiver Service Manual & FM drift modification & Low Impedance load modification

R-1120 Stereo Receiver Low Impedance load modification

T-88V Tuner Schematic

T-110 & T-110U Tuner Schematic

T-117, T-117L, T-03 & T-03L Digital Synthesized AM FM Tuner (TV - Japan only) Schematic