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Q:  Why are some items missing the BUY button?

A:  We have far too many manuals to add to our store and we have no idea what product is requested next.  Therefore, we generally add products to our store as they are requested.  Some items might actually already be in the store and the list here might not yet be updated to reflect that.  Always inquire if you don't see a BUY button.

Q:  Is everything listed available?

A:  Not all.  Our database list was created when AnalogAlley formed 6 years ago.  Over time, some manuals have been sold and some  have been misplaced or misfiled, or damaged and previous ownership may have neglected to update the database to reflect current stock levels.  It will be some time before we can redo our database.  However, you can expect that more than 90% of the manuals are available.  We also have many manuals not currently on the list.








OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media
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List continues after table.  ** List is not necessarily ordered in standardized alphabetical format.

Model # Descriptiontype
 Box 14, Box 45, LS2b, RT50WE, SV50WE, Box 40, LS7, Box 12, Box 70, 100U, 101U, 102UPhotossales
 Locarino, Mandello, KS620U, KS650U, KS680U, KS690U, Schoenbrunn, Box 100, Studio 50WEPhotossales
100U, 101U, 102UAM FM Radioservice
205 Music-BoyPortable Radioparts list
 205 Satellite, TR5000 (TR-5000, TR 5000)Portable Radioparts list
 2140UAM FM Receiverschematic
 2520U, 2540U, 4570U, 5490U, Transistor 5000 (Satellite), Music Boy 205, Elite Boy 203EPhotossales
4070U, 4070M/UReceiverservice
4570U, 4570M/UReceiverservice
 7080 WFE, 7080/56Receiverschematic
8080Console Stereoschematic
 CD7500 (CD-7500)CD Playerservice
Decoder 4UMultiplex Decoderschematic
Decoder 5UMultiplex Decoderschematic
Decoder 6UMultiplex Decoderschematic board
KS400UTuner? service data
 Mandello M, Mandello M/U, Locarno U, Trento U, KS400 UReceiverservice
 Schonbrunn A, Schonbrunn URecieverservice
 SO161, SO162Console Stereoschematic
 SO162Console Stereoowner
SO342U, SO342SRadioschematic
Stereomaster 300URadio schematic
TK14, TK19, TM19, TS19, TK23, TS23Reel to Reelservice
 TK14, TK19, TM19, TS19, TK23, TS23 (in German)Reel to Reelservice
TK24U, TK24WE  schematic
TK247 (Inland, U)Reel to Reelschematic
TK46, TK47Reel to Reelservice
 TK46U, TK47UReel to Reelschematic
 TK6E, TK200U, TK400U, TK46U, TM45U plus accessoriesPhotossales

57 Majestic Concert Boy Portable Radio

59M20 Stereo radio (?) Schematic

92US AM FM Radio schematic

97 Majestic Table Radio

97CA Majestic Table Radio (?) Schematic

98U & 98HU Radio Service manual

201E AM FM Portable Radio service manual

202 (Ocean Boy) radio parts list

204, 204E & TN10 Portable Radio parts list

206 Music Boy delux repair manual

2120WE Radio repair manual

2140U AM FM Super Receiver schematic

2147U AM FM Super Receiver schematic

2420U & 2440U AM FM SW Receiver

2420U & 2440U AM FM SW Receiver service manual 

2520U & 2540U AM FM SW Receiver service manual 

4035 AM FM Super with 3D schematic 

7068 Console Radio Majestic

Black Magic Standard AM FM Portable Radio schematic

CUC220 super sound Television Schematic, board layout & Parts list

EN3 (EN 3) Luxus Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

EW3 (EW 3) & EW3/CH (EW 3/CH) Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

HF45-U, Mandello & Locarno (KS610U, KS620U & KS650U) Radio service manual

HF50 Radio Tuner Parts list

KS450U & KS460U Stereo Console service manual 

KS490 Stereo Console schematic & parts list

Mandello g/U, Locarno g/U, KS500U & KS560U Stereo Console service manual

Mandello b, Locarno, KS520, KS530 & KS540 Stereo Console repair manual

Mandello b/U spare parts list

MS40-U & MS40-S Radio Tuner Schematic & alignment

MS50-U & MS50-S Radio Tuner Schematic & alignment

NIKI, SKL & SKLE Tape Recorder repair manual

Rex Deluxe record changer convert to new spindle (pdf) 

R60 (Boy 100E) Portable Radio repair manual

RT50-WE Hi-Fi Stereo Tuner (aslo Studio 50 WE) service manual

RTV400 Hi-Fi Tuner schematic

SO161 & SO162 Stereo Console schematic (pdf) 

SO162US Stereo Console Instruction Book (pdf) 

SO302 Stereo Console schematic 

SO305 Stereo Console schematic

SO312 Stereo Console schematic

SO360 Stereo Console schematic

SO390 Stereo Console schematic 

Stenorette 100 Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

Stenorette 101 Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

Stenorette 200 Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

Stenorette 201 & Stenorette 201 CH Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

Stenorette L & Stenorette L/WE Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

Stenorette SL Dictating Machine parts list & unit layouts

Stereoette-TS & TS-WE Dictating Machine Repair Manual

SV50-WE Hi-Fi(also Studio 50 WE) Stereo Amplifier service manual

TK1 & TK-1E Tape Recorder Repair Manual

TK7 Tape Recorder repair manual

TR11 & TR11-A Portable Radio Photos & Parts list

TR12 & TN10 Portable Radio Photos & Parts list

TK24, TK24-WE & TK24-U Tape Recorder repair manual

TK27 & TM27 Tape Recorder service manual

TK28 & TK28-WE Tape Recorder service manual

TK40, TK42, TK45 & TM45 Tape Recorder service manual

TK41 Tape Recorder service manual

TK50U, TK55U & TK54 Schematic & Repair manual

TK60, TK60U, TM60, TM60WE & TM60U Dual Track Tape Recorder repair manual

TK64, TM64, TK64WE, TM64WE, TK64U, TM64U, TK64USA & TM64USA Four Track Tape Recorder repair manual

TK120E Reel Recorder parts list & pictoral

TK200 Reel Recorder schematic & parts list

TK220, TK240, TK245 & TM245 Reel Recorder service manual

TK320, TK320U & TS320 Reel recorder parts list

TK340, TK340U & TS340 Reel recorder parts list & pictoral 

TK600 Reel recorder schematic

TK830 & TM830 Reel Recorder repair manual

TM45 Reel recorder schematic 




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