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OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media

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GE, General Electric

Model #Descriptiontype
19PC-J chassisTVmini manual
1VCR6012X, 1VCR6013X, 1VCR6014X, 1VCF6015XVCRservice
3-5287AAM FM Cassetteservice
3-5295AAM FM Cassetteservice
3-5298AAM FM Cassette Recorderservice
3-5327AMicro Cassette Recorderservice
3-5432BAM FM Cassette Playerservice
3-5460A, 3-5460BKAEntertainment / CB Radioschematic
3-5475A (SM35475A)Cassette Playerservice
3-5615AEntertainment / CB Radioservice
3-5623BLKB, 3-5623BAM FM Cassetteservice
3-5632AAM FM Cassetteservice
3-5634AEntertainment / CB Radioservice
3-5638AEntertainment / CB Radioservice
3-5690ADual Cassette Component Systemservice
3-7000ACD Playerservice
3-7030-S1CD Playerschematic
3-7050ACD Component Systemservice
7-1284D, 7-1284FEntertainment / CB Radioschematic
7-1285DEntertainment / CB Radioschematic
7-1290CEntertainment / CB Radioschematic
7-1990AEntertainment / CB Radioservice
7-2665DEntertainment / CB Radioservice
7-4204WHBBathmate AM FM Radioservice
7-4250AEntertainment / CB Radioservice
7-4270A, 7-4270BSpacemaker Kitchen Radiosupplement
7-4607BKB, 7-4607WHBAM FM Clock Radioservice
7-4629AAM FM Digital Clock Radioservice
7-4638BEntertainment / CB Radioservice
7-4663AAM FM Digital Clock Radioservice
7-4945AAM FM Clock Radioservice
7-4954Entertainment / CB Radioservice
7-4960BEntertainment / CB Radioservice
7-4984BAM FM Cassette Clock Radioservice
7-7650, 7-7650ATVservice
8-1445 (RS-A chassis)TVservice
8-1900, 8-1910, 8-1930, 8-1931, 8-1938 (MK-1 chassis)TVservice
8-4500 (M-SM84500M-S1)Projection TVschematic
9-7100, 9-7115, 9-7120, 9-7215TVservice
9-7115, 9-7120, 9-7215VCRowners
9-7135, 9-7140TVsupplement
9-7150, 9-7250, 9-7270, 9-7320, 9-7350VCRservice
9-7675, 9-7785VCRservice
9-7885VCRtraining manual
9-9709VHS-C camcordertraining manual
CS3000, RS3030AAudio Systemservice
CTC130, CTC136TVsupplement
CTC130, CTC136, CTC136-S1, CTC136-S2, CTC136-S3, CTC136-S4TVtraining manual
CTC169Projector TVservice
CTC177 (CTC 177), CTC187 (CTC 187)TVTroubleshooting
RV3760FAV Receiver (?)service
SM35622AAM FM Cassetteservice
SM35630BAM FM Dual Cassetteservice
SM35809BCB Radioservice
SM35829ACB Radioservice
SM35954B, SM35955B (pair)Walkie Talkieschematic
SM35979ACB Radioservice
SM36160AAM FM Cassetteservice
SM37040AAM FM Cassetteservice
SM72582F, SM72582GAM FM Radioschematic
SM72825JAM FM Radioservice
SM72945AAM FM TV Radioservice
SM74100JAM FM Radioservice
SM74269AAM FM Radioservice
SM74557AAM FM Clock Radioservice
SM74637AAM FM Clock Radioservice
SM74657AAM FM Clock Radioservice
SM74711C, 2-9111CRCAM FM Radio with Telephoneservice
SM74722C, SM74722DAM FM Radio with Telephoneservice
SM74735C, SM29261CRMAM FM Radio with Telephoneservice
SM74956AAM FM Cassetteservice
SM74965AAM FM Cassette Clock Radioservice
T20010TV VCRservice data
T25001GY, T25003BCTV VCRservice
VCR PlusVCR Plusowner
VG7725VCRtraining manual
VR250, VG7500VCRservice
VR250, VG7500VCRschematic
VR270, VR273, VR273A, VR275VCRschematic
VR285, VG7575VCRschematic
VR340, VR343, VR343-S1, VR343-S2, VR341 VCRservice
VR344, VR519, VR612HFVCRservice
VR450, VR451, VT452VCRschematic
VR470, VR475VCRschematic
VR528, VG4039VCRservice
VR658HF, VG4210, VG4215, VR658HF-S1, VR664HFVCRservice

1AMP5100E & 1AMP5200E Stereo Integrated Amplifier Service manual

1AMP5300E Stereo Integrated Amplifier Service manual

1AMP5400E Stereo Integrated Amplifier Service manual

1AMP6200E & 1AMP6300E Stereo Integrated Amplifier Service manual

1AMP6400E Stereo Integrated Amplifier Service manual

1CSD6500E Stereo Cassette Deck Service manual

1CVC5032E Color Video Camera Owner's manual

1CVP5028X Video Cassette Recorder Basic Operating Instructions

1EQL5400E Stereo Graphic Equalizer Service manual

1EQL6400E Stereo Graphic Equalizer Service manual

1PCD5030E Compact Audio Disc Service manual

1PCD5035E Compact Audio Disc Service manual

1PCD6060E Compact Audio Disc Service manual

1PCD6070E Compact Audio Disc Service manual

1RAK5100E & 1RAK5200W Component Cabinet Service manual

1RAK5300E & 1RAK6300W Component Cabinet Service manual

1RAK6200E Component Cabinet Service manual

1RAK6400E Component Cabinet Service manual

1RSC5050E Quartz Synthesized AM FM Stereo receiver Service manual

1SKX5000 3-Way Bass Reflex speaker service manual

1SKX5050W & 1SKX5075W 3-Way speaker system service manual

1SKX5070W & 1SKX5100W 3-Way ported speaker system service manual

1SKX6200W & 1SKX6055W 2-Way speaker with passive radiator service manual

1SKX6300W & 1SKX6070W 3-Way acoustic suspension speaker service manual

1SKX6400W & 1SKX6100W 3-Way ported speaker service manual

1TNR5100E AM FM Stereo Tuner service manual

1TNR5500E Synthesized AM FM Stereo Tuner service manual

1TTB5600E & 1TTB5700E Turntable service manual

1TTB6500E Turntable service manual

1TTB6700E Turntable change sheet (use 1TTB5700E service manual)

3-5671A Portable Component System service manual

3-5672A Portable Component System Change sheet (use 3-56721A service manual)