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OWNER = The manual that comes with the unit - tells you how to use it. Sometimes called user or instructions
SERVICE = used by technicians to repair the unit
OWNER SERVICE = Sometimes manufacturers provide the OWNERS manual with the SERVICE manual
SCHEMATIC = Only the schematic for the unit
SCHEMATIC BOARD = Includes the SCHEMATIC and the Printed Circuit BOARD layouts
BULLETIN = Issued by the manufacturer to cover a problem or note a change
CHANGE = The unit's been modified or a unit derived from another model
SALES = Brochure or other advertising media

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Model #Descriptiontype
1000APower Amplifierservice
1001APower Amplifierservice
100EQBEqualizer Boosterservice
100EQB-2Equalizer Boosterservice
100EQB-3Equalizer Boosterparts list
100EQB-4Equalizer Boosterservice
100EQB-6Equalizer Amplifierservice
100EQB-7, SEQB1000Equalizerservice
1300APower Amplifierservice
1600APower Amplifierservice
1601A (EE-979A-51)Power Amplifierservice
1610A (EE-723A)4 Channel Bridgeable Amplifierservice
2001AM FM Cassetteservice
201A, 402APower Amplifierservice
2040, CDC9350 (PE-2097B, PE-2097E)CD Changerservice
2100RAM FM Cassetteservice
21EX (EE-929A)Electronic Crossoverservice
2500RAM FM Cassetteservice
300EQBEqualizer Boosterservice
300EQB-2Equalizer Boosterservice
30BPower Boosterservice
3100R, 3150RAM FM Cassetteservice
3200A (EE-724A), 1004HA (EE-724B)Bridgeable Power Amplifierservice
3670RC (PE-9647A-A)AM FM Cassette CD Changer Controlservice
3770RC (PE-9431A)AM FM Cassette CD Changer Controlservice
3970RC, CFX220AM FM Cassette CD Controllerservice
401APower Amplifierservice
40EX (EE-928A)Electronic Crossoverservice
4670, 4660, 4650, 9773RT, 9671RT (PE-9817A-A, PE-9819A-A, PE-9820A-A, PE-9817B-A, PE-9819B-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
5630CD (PE-2015A-A)AM FM CD Playerservice
5631CD, S1500, CDC6030 (PE-2036A, PE-2036B, PE-2036C)AM FM CDservice
5670CD (PE-2035A)AM FM CDservice
5670CD, 5631CD, CDC6030 (PE-2020A-A, PE-2023A-A, PE-2023B-A)AM FM CDservice
5680CD, 5633CD, 6540, CDC6350 (PE-2092A, PE-2093A, PE-2093B, PE-2092K)AM FM CD Playerservice
5870CDAM FM CD Changerservice
5930CD (UE-654A, PE-2042A, EE-974A)AM FM CD Player Changer Controlservice
600A (EE-722A)Power Amplifierservice
601APower Amplifierservice
6200CD, CDC9300CD Changerservice
6201CD, CDC9250 (PE-2050A, PE-2050B)CD Changerservice
6300CD, CDC9500CD Changerservice
703EQA (EE-925A)Equalizerservice
720EQ (EE726A-51)Equalizer with Surroundservice
72EQEqualizer Amplifierservice
73EQ (EE-1004A-A)Equalizerservice
800APower Amplifierservice
8200R, 8300R, 8400RT (PE-9070A-A, PE-9071A-A, PE-0972A-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8204R, 8404RT, 1400RT (PE-9632A-A, PE-9631A-A, PE-9634A-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8301R, 8401RTAM FM Cassettecorrection
8302RT (PE-9293A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8402RT (PE-9294A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8403RT (P-9509A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8470R, 1470R, 8430R (PE-9628A-A, PE-9635A-A, PE-9629A-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8670R (PE09155A-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8671RT, 8530RT (PE-9302A, PE-9289A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8701RT (PE-9074B-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8702RT (PE-9295A)AM FM Cassetteservice
8703RTAM FM Cassetteservice
8900RT, 8925RTRadio Cassetteservice
9670RT, 9470R, S7211(PE-9559A, PE-9560A, PE-9561A)AM FM Cassetteservice
9702RT, 1700RT (PE-9630A-A, PE-9633A-A)AM FM Cassetteservice
9770RT, 9730RT, 8730RT (PE-9314A, PE-9315A, PE-9316A)Cassette Receiverservice
9772RT, 9731RTAM FM Cassetteservice
9800RTAM FM Cassetteservice
9971RT (PE-9282A-B)AM FM Cassetteservice
A1503Power Amplifierservice
AUDIA-20AM FM Cassetteservice
AUDIA-2000E, 9900X (PE-9145A, PE-9146A)AM FM Cassetteservice
AUDIA5000 (PE-2003A, EE-694A)AM FM CDservice
CAL1000 (UE-1000F, JE-1000F, EE-974A)Cellular Audio Linkservice
CDA8000, AUDIA6110 (EE-762A, EE-762B)Changer Controllerservice
CDC9200, AUDIA6100 (PE-2013A-A, PE-2013B-A)CD Changerservice
DRB4675, DRB3675, RDB465D, RDB365DAM FM CD Playerowner
DRB5475 (PE-2156B-A)AM FM CD Playerservice
DRX8175AM FM CD Changer Controllerservice
DRX8275AM FM CD Changer Controllerchange
DRX9175L (PE-2102B), DRX9275L (PE-2102B-B)AM FM CD Player Changer Controlservice
DSP-959E (EE-982A-01, EE-982B-01)Digital Sound Processorservice
DXZ925, (PE-2476B-A, PE-2476K-B)AM FM CD Playerservice
EU-605APower Amplifierservice
FMC303CD Changer Controllerservice
FMC303, CDA303 (EE-976A, EE-977A)CD Changer Controllerservice
PE-452A8 Track Playerservice
PE-550AAM FM Cassetteservice
PE-554AAM FM Cassetteservice
PE-618A, PE-618A-02AM FM 8-Trackservice
PE-623AAM FM 8-Trackservice
PE-624AAM FM 8-Trackservice
PE-666A, PE-666BAM FM Cassetteservice
PE-676A, PE-676BAM FM Cassetteservice
PE-683AAM FM Cassetteservice
PE-751A, PE-751BAM FM Cassetteservice
PE-751CAM FM Cassettebulletin
PE-828ACassette Deckservice
PE-829ACassette Deckservice
PE-832ACassette Deckservice
PN-20331, PN-20891-AFM AM Cassette CD Deckservice
PN-2302M-C, PN-2302M-F, PN-2302N-ACD Changer Deckservice
PN-92101-AAM FM Cassetteservice
PN-9408HAM FM Cassetteservice
PN-9481DAM FM Cassetteservice
PN-9551-A, PN-95511-B, PN-95511-CAM FM Cassetteservice
PN-9661H, PN-9661CAM FM Cassetteservice
PN-9731H, PN-9731I, PN-9731MAM FM Cassetteservice
PT-94401-AAM FM Cassetteservice
PU-9312A, PU-9312BAM FM Cassetteservice
RDX525D, DRX5275, M5275 (PE-2217B-A, PE-2217B-B, PE-2217K-A, PE-2217B-C)AM FM CD Player Changer Controlservice
RE-338AM FM Radiobulletin
RE-338C, RE-338DAM FM Radioservice
RE-351A, RE-351BAM FM Radioservice
RE-361AAM FM Radioservice
RE-377AAM FM Radioservice
RE-403TAM FM Radioservice
S5200 (PE-9513A)AM FM Cassetteservice
S611, S711AM FM Cassetteservice
S6200AM FM Cassetteservice
S9200AM FM Cassetteservice
TRX-10AM FM Cassetteservice
VCM1000 (JVC-100)Voice Command Moduleservice

200A Power Amplifier service manual

5770CD & 5730CD AM FM CD Player Service Manual

5780CD AM FM Stereo CD Player Service Manual

7770 & 6770 AM FM CD Player with CD Changer Control Service Manual

8825RT FM AM Cassette service manual

ARX5170 FM AM Cassette service manual

ARX7170 FM AM Cassette with CD Changer Control service manual

ARX7270 FM AM Cassette with CD Changer Control service change (use ARX7170 service manual)

ARX9170 FM AM Cassette with CD Changer Control service manual

ARX9270 FM AM Cassette with CD Changer Control service manual (use ARX9170 service manual)

EN-6281-51 Nissan Power Amp with Graphic Equalizer service manual

EQX-700 Graphic Equalizer service manual

EU-606A Graphic Equalizer service manual

PF-92991-A Subaru (86201AA10) AM FM Cassette Stereo

PH-9616L Honda (08A01-221-360-01) AM FM Cassette Stereo

PN-9247C-A, PN-9247H-A & PN-92471-A Nissan (28115 32F16, 28115 12G01 & 28115 38E11) AM FM Cassette Stereo service manual

PN-9378H-A Nissan (28115 S3800) AM FM Cassette Stereo service manual

PN-9480D Nissan (28115 96E15 - 1991 Maxima) FM AM Cassette Stereo service manual

PN-9481D Nissan (28115 96E10) FM AM Cassette Stereo service manual

PU-9206A Saab AM FM Stereo Cassette service manual

RAX331D, ARX3371, RAX330F & ARX3350 FM AM Cassette with CD Changer Control service manual

TRX-100 Cassette AM FM Stereo service manual